Goldie's Death: Chilling Account by Namdy Nwabasili

Twitter was ablaze last night of the chilling news on Goldie's tragic death. I was online till late in the night gathering the info. At first it was believed to be a rumour or publicity stunt, There was even this false news (click link) that festered a bit of confusion. The best info came from people who were at the scene where Goldie was rushed to Redignton Hospital around about 7.55pm and pronounced dead. She was even said to be dead on arrival.

Namdy Nwabasili of Cool FM, tweeted live accounts of all that happened yesterday as Goldie was brought to the hospital.

What a day (Valentine Day!) for such a tragic thing to happen. I still can't believe the same Goldie whom I saw last week with Denrele and had talks with has passed on. I still remember things she said during that meeting - 'Please keep in touch oh' and when she and Denrele were about to see the CEO and I had to turn back to head to my office she said, 'Are you leaving us already?'. Little did I know that I would be the one saying this two weeks later...'Goldie did you have to leave so soon?'

RIP Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey

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Eya Ayambem said...

The shock is just too much for me?

Sykik said...

I don't know her personally, but I can't stop heart is bleeding....why her...I loved her on BBA stargame, she loved selflessly...even when i didn't like how she was throwing herself at Prezzo...I couldn't help admiring her loving soul.

RIP Goldie,

Toinlicious said...

I still feel goose bumps
It's Toinlicious

This is scary. You just posted a blog about her responding to someone's negative tweet and now she's dead. This just really shows that life is short and tomorrow isn't promised. I hate to hear that she passed away. RIP Goldie!

'Lara A said...

so sad, I met her once and she was really sweet.

Debby 'Baro said...

It's life! Not always as we think, and that makes us humans too!May God comfort her family.