Rihanna's Weird Commercial; Its Consequencies

Celebrities launching their own clothing line, perfumes etc. seems to be the usual step for people in showbiz to take. Though I wonder at times if the whole thing is not a set-up against consumers  to actually sell a product that's not really owned by the artist but just has the artiste's name on it and equally masqueraded as the owner. No doubt, fans will purchase it like there's no tomorrow.

Much buzz has gone around about songstress Rihanna's debut of perfume range called Reb'l Fleur. Nothing bad about launching a perfume range. However there's something weird about the way its been sold in its TV commercial.

Unfortunately, many may see it as creativity at play but all I saw was just disturbing subliminal messaging. While some of these hidden messages may not be fully understood because of its use of symbolism, there is one glaring one that even a dim-witted person should understand. I won't dabble into the other subliminals in the commercial. If you want to read more on that you can click this link to read further.

As the commercial begins from where Rihanna rises from lying down inside this huge flower, we see her catching sight of strange suited men in the distance (also symbolic) who she runs from. Then she comes face to face with a mirror that reflects her bad side. And as she passes through the mirror this disturbing text is displayed:


She appears on the other side of the mirror now wearing a black version of a initial peach-colored dress. Then she encounters the black suited men who's act of blind folding her with their hands looks more sexual than blinding.

The next thing we see is Rihanna bringing out the perfume and syncing it in a sexual movement around her crotch area as though it were a dildo.

When the act is satisfactorily done, everything disturbingly goes into reverse; from visual to music. When she gets to the mirror again in reverse the text now shows as:


And actually, that's not what it would read backwards so it is quite clear that the message is deliberate. Saying that 'Bad' is 'Good' is disturbing on a lot of levels. Just thinking about it alone is scary because there are gazillions of stuff that are bad but the entertainment circuit is trying to showcase them as the cool trend to follow. 

Nowadays when people say 'I'm bad' it means saying 'I'm good'. In the Nigerian lingo circuit, people say stuff like 'Bobo to badt' (I don't know how the 't' is supposed to resonate in the line. As far as I'm concerned, its as pointless as substituting 'KK' for 'Ok'). We've heard Nigerian artistes like BankyW and his crew sing songs about the coolness of being a 'very good bad guy'. Foreign artistes are very deep in it to the extent that we had representations of badness being seen as cool; we even had some using it as names of their labels.

But seriously we have to say the truth; what is bad is bad and what is good is good. It seems its only God that maintains that simplicity because man has totally distorted the view. The scriptures says in 1st Corinthians 14:33 that God is not an author of confusion. He has laid it all out simply. The devil who has no plan but to steal, kill and destroy is an author of confusion. That is why man will forever keep asking questions that will never have answers.

Commercials like this one by Rihanna are designed to brainwash viewers into buying into the idea that 'Bad is good'. By the time you see it again and again, you begin to accept it till it becomes normal. My advise to anyone who watches TV is to watch with an objective mind, when you mentally question all you see, you'll be shocked what you'll discover just as the thousands of shocking discoveries I've made.

Let he or she who has a mind take heed!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this awareness and enlighthen....like I always say, when a lie has been repeated too much, it becomes to look like the truth!

i agree.. you have spoken well. i guess its the aim of the Devil to confuse/alter people's mindsets....

Bad is bad pere. It never pays...

Tessa Doghor said...

Media thingy or not
Everyone still has a conscience and a choice.
People can deceive themselves all they want but God is not mocked.
Just keep being a light in this dark world. Isaiah 61

sugarspring said...

wonderful and so on point!!!
thank God i wasnt the only one seeing it this way..
funny enuf, ive watched that vid a long while ago, knew their schemes and that of odas and so i dont even bother myself anymore cos i know what the entertainment industry and the social media is trying to do.
trying to make bad look good
tryng to make vampires(e.g twilight and vampire dairies) look good AND cool whereas, when i was little and watched vampy movies, they were bad and ppl that killed dm were deemed heroes, but now, its something else
the world is really upside down..the last days are close and so like u said, i hope ppl are able to discern what to watch and what not to watch cos soon, incest will be the reigning thing and as usual, ppl/world will say, dont discriminate. they're ppl like u.
if a porn actress like Kim K can be celebrated in this day and age and brought to naija where we're hoping to have good models for ourselves and our children, then the world is really coming to an end
nice post once again

Debby 'Baro said...

Thank God for a post such as this. This will help people realize that 'bad remains bad' and can never be hidden under a shade to make it become 'good'.