Only in Naija 3 [Photos]

Yeah! Welcome to Naija, the only country where harsh situations, circumstances and ignorance are inevitable comic relief. This series just won't stop as long as these insane scenarios litter Naija and the internet. I had to add the Nigerian president doing the Gnamgam style. Can we ever get him to actually do that? I mean....if Michelle Obama could appear on an iCarly episode and Governor Fashola of Lagos State could play football; GEJ should be able to throw some steps shey? I guess the country's problems would never allow for that.

And so the photo list goes thus::

Only in Naija will you come across a car kept under burglary proof.
I guess the owner hasn't finished paying for the car loan and
couldn't afford to build a garage in his face-me-I-slap-you apartment. Naija we also recycle...check out these Eva bottle slippers

Everybody wanna be sporting Beats by Dr. dre by all means.

Oyinbo folks are not spared when it comes to paying Naija bride price.

Only in Naija do people take photo inside flood.
Show your swag inside water.

I don't know whether  the DSTV with basket worked at all but I know
that first one was just to made by somebody desperate to 'feel among'.

Owning a DSTV is both a status thing and a football ticket.
Nobody better pass him neighbour!

Only in Naija can you find fashion by Facebook.

Or jeans by iPhone and iPod....

Also Vuitton in Naija is actually lousy.

Chicken jollof Pizza? Only in Naija!

Only in Naija do ignorant people name Satchet water after cats
Okay...the name on that Satchet is just wrong and ambiguous

And only in Naija do you find loaves of bread named after Honda accord.
*See The Funny names Nigerian give cars' to understand the 'Discussion'

*Jaw dropping to the floor*
Igbo traders will not kill person. Only in Naija!

Yeah...this is very true. We honor our past military dictators
by making. TVs in their honor. Abi na Chinko error?

Yes...The Avengers, Naija Package. Only in Naija!

You can't blame him. He thought Spiderman's costume
was one massive tattoo.

Yeah...we got Twilight: New moon,.Edo version. Lord have mercy.

Only in Naija do celebrities turn their cars into Taxis.
Don't ask me who!

Only in Naija does shit make good money.

Onlly in Naija. Graves also double as swimming pools.

Only in Naija can an International Airport look like dugbe market.
We like travelling too much!

Naija fashion sense...nylon bag recycled for use as singlet.

In Naija, some people think a US prison uniform is swaggalicious. 

Our power supply company can't even supply themselves power..

I wonder who designed this house....a meat seller?

In Naija our Cinemas have 'attachments'

Ghana-must-go fabric - recycled fashion.

Only in Naija do you find Beyounce endorsing a Bukateria

Have an awesome weekend y'all!

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Okeoghene said...

Hilarious. Some of these images are downright silly. Enjoy your weekend too

Debby 'Baro said...

Naija is a great place; creativity in abundance! Which one you no dey? :-)