The Oily Faced Anchor of Video Wheels

The show is Video Wheels which airs on Thursday evenings around 6.00pm. The Anchor is simply Anjola. Its not the first time that they've got one thing wrong in the production of their show. There was one show where the Anchor (I'm not sure whether it was also Anjola) was in a dark room and the lighting was poor making it look like she was presenting from a photography dark room.

Oily faced and bodied Anjola

Subsequently, they seemed to get better but today as the show aired again, I couldn't but notice the oily face and body of the Anchor, Anjola. When I first noticed it, I wasn't sure whether I was seeing right until a colleague also saw it and mentioned it. It's as if the make-up artiste decided to empty a bottle of oil all over Anjola. It was just too much; she was shining too much on screen. Despite her pretty face and the fact that she was not sweating, the oiliness made her look as though she was sweating.

Goldmyne Entertainment, the owners of the show should please take note. Too bad the make-up person dropped phone number and BB PIN on screen...I hope it doesn't make people to doubt them.

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Lily Johnson said...

Looool! OMG. Yeah i agree with you. Not a good look.