A Lady's Ass on My e-mail

I opened my e-mail today to see if I had any unread mails and was shocked to see these risqué Ads posted at the corners of my mail page.

It’s not a new thing to see Ads pasted on the corners of one’s e-mail on yahoo but when the Ad features a pair of female butt cheeks in lacy panties that are about to be removed for some unknown reason, then I think it’s time to cry ‘wolf’!

The butt Ad on my email

I’ve never known yahoo to be that naughty; the most I have ever seen is probably dating site Ads. But it seems of recent, the site has been allowing stuff that could get one into trouble appear on e-mail pages. There was this particular one that was like a game where you were required to click on the bra-strap of a lady in underwear to remove her bra. What actually happened was that the moment you clicked on it, it took you elsewhere (I didn’t bother to find out where). Even if it went to a simple shopping site, what do you think anyone in my office would say if they saw that image of a lady in bra taunting users to click on the strap to remove it?

Of course they’ll think I’m a perv!

Now I open my mail and some lady’s big 'nyansh' in lace ‘pata’ is in the corner apparently daring me to click on the video image which would link somewhere...

The two video images 

Wait! Did I say in ‘the corner’? it was actually in two corners – left and right corners. Now that suspiciously smells of desperation. There was nothing inscribed on the image, it just sits there sinfully distracting and poisoning your mind. They even had the nerve to make it glitter like 3-D in bid to make it attractive. 

Yahoo has officially gone nuts…very soon they may start allowing porn sites to advertise on mail pages. Maybe its because the world is now full of more perverts and decency is becoming old school.

We are definitely in the last days!

NB: Debby Baro...I haven't forgotten your review. Already working on it, will paste it soon as I'm through.

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wow, crazy

jhazmyn said...

I cant help but laugh...i guess its ur use of local parlance that just makes it funny.

Thankfully, this hasn't appeared on my yahoo page, may that continue to be the case abeg. I cant shout

Shallie said...

lol!@lace pata ohhh..u saw that is lace abi..