Wardrobe Awkwardness at the AMVCA [Photos]

The first edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards has come and gone and it had its ups and downs as usual of any event on its first outing. I never got a glimpse of the red carpet showcase. I’m usually not interested in watching people display what they are wearing while answering cliché and boring questions.

The ceremony was in full gear by the time I got to start viewing it. Trust me to always look for the FAILS about the event. Apart from the tackiness of the auditorium which looked like a poorly lit event hall, outfits of some of the celebrities got me wondering what were they thinking when they got into those clothes.There were many outfits that warranted being jibed at, like Genevieve's boob popper but I won't dwell on those because they were only for a moment to be seen. 

I wish I had started snapping pictures earlier when I noticed about two or three of the women who came on stage at different times, wore gowns that had trailing pieces behind as long as that of a wedding gown. One of them had to have a guy help her carry the trailing piece along as they both ascended the stage.  I kept asking, what was the point? I remember one of them was in the crew behind the production of the movie ‘The Mirror Boy’.

Jim Iyke looking like a student in his shorts.

Then Jim Iyke came on stage on his own cue wearing knickers…abi na shorts, Daring guy…at least he made me laugh. It was a departure from looking suave and 'sesky'; he just looked plain ridiculous.
Well, at least we only saw them for the moment. But we saw the hostess most of the time.

And what was she wearing?

Flaunting her legs or just playing safe in that weird gown?

A ridiculous outfit that looked like an unfinished project…it was something that looked like three quarters of a gown and one-quarter of a mini-skirt. And the hostess (can’t recall her name but I know she’s not Nigerian) had to maintain this awkward standing position which evidently revealed that she was not 100% comfortable in the outfit. The dress looked so ‘unsafe’ I felt for her. Any small miscalculation or wardrobe malfunction and we’d probably end up seeing everything she wore underneath.

Even I.K., her male co-host seemed a bit concerned about anything going wrong with the outfit.  She survived, but she was some ridiculous spectacle on that stage. I wonder if she at some time got cramps in her legs standing like that most of the time.

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sykik said...

Lol.....whoever dressed Vimbai obviously didn't like her....she had on three different outfits and none seemed to agree with her body shape. She kept crossing her leg as if it was the new style in town......I don't want to think it is the dress sha...maybe her nervousness...infact she was trending on twitter throughout the show sef.

Nikkisho said...

So she was standing like that all through the night? LMAO. i pity her sha
Jim iyke looked ridiculous!
I actually liked most of the outfits on the red carpet.

Myne Whitman said...

She was really standing like that most of the time. It must have been very uncomfortable for her.

Eya Ayambem said...

I like Jim Iyke's outfit on him. For Vimbai, I think she did well, whoever dressed her up should not try it again next time.

ay said...

I didn't start watching the show from the beginning... When I joined in with the rest of my family, Vimbai was coming in in that blue outfit and my dad exclaimed, "this lady has been wearing horrible dresses throughout this night"... I hadn't seen the other dresses but I just had to agree that the blue one was horrible..lol

I really don't get the design of that gown.. Lol @ "one-quarter of a mini-skirt.."

Lmao I missed the show and so didn't get to see many of the now famous ridiculous outfits!

Debby 'Baro said...

No doubt, the lady was purnished by the person who dressed her, I watched the awards from start to completion and this young lady was very uncomfortable. I'm sure she won't try this kind of 'fashion mission' again.

yeva said...

wow.. didnt notice tat she was standing like dat troughout.
poor soul.
she most def looked uncomfortable.