The Disturbing Quality of Kwality

There’s an unfortunately supposedly upcoming artiste in town and he calls himself is Kwality. And I’m writing this post to encourage everyone to ENCOURAGE him to find his calling elsewhere.


Click the link below to download and listen to his music and you’ll know why!

I heard only one quarter of this song and had to stop it. I couldn't listen to the rest. It was so bad that I felt tortured listening to it, I couldn't bear to hear it to the end at all!

I believe this Kwality guy has taken the wrong step in the wrong direction. Music is not for everyone; some are born to sing it, others are born to listen to it. He clearly doesn't belong to the category that sings it.

To make matters worse, I came across this badly recorded video where he was doing a freestyle which was totally wack. The guys who introduced him on camera at first sounded like they were hyping and presenting an upcoming act but it was evident later on that they were actually making jest of him…and unfortunately, the poor guy didn’t realize it.

The high point of the video was when one of the guys said ‘Vic O now had competition’. If you don’t know Vic.O, please google it. Vic O became popular as a result of his wack music; people were so alarmed at what he was doing they began to speak about it all over the internet and walah – he became a sensation for his wackiness.

Unless Kwality aims at becoming something like that…I’ll say the guy should just stay away from music! 

But if he still insists on doing it, are a few lessons he can learn from Vic O. (courtesy which may or may not help him.

1. Ignore people's comments and insults if you must Press on.

2. Try to be the Most you can even with the little you have. 

Vic O.
3. Even if you're being laughed at by many, Keep on working, because you could get paid for making  people laugh. 

4. People could be entertained whether you're making sense or not.

5. It doesn't matter how small the town you're from, with persistence you could be known around the  

6.  If people wont admire you for your talent, they will admire you for your self-belief.

7.  In This world, anything anybody is determined to do, he/she can do it. 

I may be wrong in saying Kwality should trash the idea of going into music after looking at these points because if it seems to be working for Vic O. it might work for him too...after all, crappy music seems to be unbelievably selling.

I don't even know what to say anymore. Is this Kwality guy worth encouraging or he should be totally discouraged? Because for me, the skills he possesses in singing amount to nothing, even auto-tune failed him.

What do you think?

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Debby 'Baro said...

The challenge is that everybody wants to be famous, so they tend to follow the perceived 'easy path' to fame. Such people leave behind their own creative strenght, which they should have developed in other areas of life. I think the biggest mistake is found in the area of music, which is perceived as the shortest cut to the biggest fame.

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