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Anytime I come across a blog owned by a journalist, I always expect something either something professional or something that is on the lighter side of life. In the case of Debby Baro’s blog, ‘A Slice of Life’, she mixes the two and it makes the name of her blog apt.

From the aesthetic green template with a symbolic masthead down to the informative content, A Slice of Life is a blog that’s cute and unique in its own way. One thing that can’t be ignored is the fact that it carries rare articles that you may not easily see on other blogs. I’ll say this must be the advantage of Debby being a journalist and a PR expert; she most definitely would have access to info a regular blogger may not have. Apart from feature articles and news, she also does true-life stories on the blog. If you are equally looking for stories on the arts, cultural heritage, events and exhibitions, you find stuff on them on this blog. Thought provoking materials are not left out – articles that examine true life situations and experiences can be found on the blog.

A Slice of Life’ sits on the url of www.onepageafrica.com which equally points to the fact that Debby took steps to professionalize her blog by registering a domain name. I have seen many blogs on the internet and many are not seriously run due to epileptic postings of its owners and lack of reasonable content to blog about but with onepageafrica.com or A Slice of Life, it’s not like that. This is actually a blog that could be useful to someone researching on stuff on Africa and mostly Nigeria in general. I’ve had cases where someone once sent a mail or comment to me thanking me for doing a post entry that really helped him in a school assignment he was doing; he found useful information and references on my site. This is the kind of stuff Onepageafrica offers.

The site is well laid out and arranged. Normally one would want to credit that to the template designers but even when you get a template, you’d still have to work on it to suit your taste. These type of changes can be seen on onepageafrica in the labeled menu under the masthead which helps for easy navigation to any preferred topic of interest.

To be honest, it’s not easy maintaining consistency on a blog that has a lot of info or detailed features. It takes a lot of effort and can almost require you having someone do it for you. Popular sites like Linda Ikeji’s blog has that, others like Myne Whitman’s blog have guest writers or feature credited works to keep up the pace. For sites like this one (and mine) who are managed by an individual, it requires a lot of diligence. Maybe Debby’s training as a journalist has helped in keeping the consistency but nevertheless for a blog that started off late last year, it’s an effort worth noting.

I’ll take it that the masthead was the default that came with the template because it would have been better if it had read onepageafrica for uniformity with the URL address.

Keep up the good work Debby, most especially the consisntency. 

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Myne Whitman said...

I really love Debby's blog and enjoy her articles.

Debby 'Baro said...

Myne, I can't thank you enough for being a source of encouragement to me too!
Afronuts! You are simply wonderful and reviews as this can only be a great motivator for better things to come. I'm truly grateful for this.