Aisle Perfect's Perfections [Blog Review]

Like I promised on the 'Who are they?' photo quiz, I said I would review the blogs of those who made good efforts at guessing the names, especially those whose blogs are up to date. Okwuchi and Debby 'Baro had the most up to date blogs so I'll be doing full reviews on them. Today, I review Okwuchi's. For others whose blogs were not up to date, I'll just do a joint micro review. So here goes Okwuchi's.

A female friend of mine who runs her own blog once said of my own blog that I run the blog very professionally. I was flattered though I the thought of being professional actually never occurred to me. I only wanted to run a blog that was well organized, arranged, constructive and creatively written in such a way that anybody who comes there won’t find the moment boring.
So, if you asked me about my blog, I probably wouldn't have thought of it as professional. But if you asked me of Aisle Perfect, now that’s definitely a professional blog.

From the name, you can get the idea of what this blog is about and from the look and site aesthetics, you are taken into the glamorous and romantic world of nuptials. From the simple masthead which consists of stylishly written header amidst falling confetti to the white expanse of the site body, Century Gothic fonts and vivid photography display, Aisle Perfect is a site that says a lot with its simplicity. It’s put together in such a way that it’s easy to view and relaxing to read; you don’t have too many things conflicting with your line of vision. Photos that showcase the creativity of weddings help add to the beauty in their digital splendor.

The payoff under the masthead title which says ‘inspiring romantics one click at a time’ is so apt and works very well for the site. This alone adds more spice to the professional look of the site; it’s a marketing statement that is true to what the site is truly about. I know this so well as an Ad man.
Unlike some blogs who make use of images they don’t own without crediting owners, Aisle Perfect always credits the photos used; especially when it’s a certain photographer’s work.

Some interesting aspects of Aisle perfect are feautured stories behind the wedding preparations or sometimes engagement ceremonies which all come in either photography or videos. For intending couples who may be wondering what to do on their wedding day or how their wedding should look like, this is a site that will most definitely help. There are categorized links on the site that will take you to pages should you be specifically looking for entries that address a certain need from inspiration to planning to honeymoon suggestions or showcases.

There are also the periodic features with the same title as the site – Aisle Perfect – which features any actual wedding event of certain couples which was outstanding and commendable. They are usually features that offer tips one can learn from a well put together wedding or simply experiences that you may want to replicate in your own wedding.

I would have said that Aisle Perfect is a blog that’s as perfect as its name but I feel there’s one thing lacking – no reference as to who runs the site. Normally, blogs would have a side docket which introduces who runs the site. For Aisle Perfect, the only way I got to know who runs the site was by checking the comment section – to see the name of the respondent to the comments. On my blog it was ‘Okwuchi’ but on the site its ‘Binie O’. I can’t be sure if they are the same person or a team.  And then  again this omission could be deliberate.  I would have said there was also no contact address but I guess that has been taken care of by the twitter handle, facebook, mail etc icons on the upper right hand side of the site.

On the whole, Aisle Perfect serves its purpose very well as a wedding site and maintains the attraction with lovely photography and illustrations that complement its intelligently written posts.  If you’re not married and you haven’t been there yet, you’ll be missing the opportunity to do yourself a good favour.

NB: I eventually found out that the site does not belong to Okwuchi but I'll still leave the review.

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okwuchi said...

Hello Kush,

I really do not know how this happened but I do not have a blog. I just follow aisleperfect on blogsphere. when I posted on your blog giveaway I didn't even read that you were going to do a blog reveiw. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Please take down this post so that the owner won't feel offended. I am very sorry for the misleading

Binie O said...

Hello, thanks for the review and post. However, I think there must be some confusion. I am not Okwuchi and this is my first time on the blog. I would hate to take someone's place for something I know nothing about haha . Thanks so much !


Kike S said...


Great write-up on the blog, Aisle Perfect.
However, the blogger behind this amazing website is ADEKUNBI ODUBOGUN (Binie O) NOT Okwuchi. That individual is a follower of the blog but is MOST definitely not the writer.

Debby 'Baro said...

Dear Afronuts, first I thank you for recognizing my blog. But I waited and didnt see the review you promised. Still waiting. And thanks for that teaser!Lol!