An Ex-Stripper's Seductive Gospel

For those of you who frequent Youtube a lot, you may have by now come across this weird video of a female preacher who anchors a series she calls ‘The Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole’. She’s infamous for not just baring her cleavage while supposedly preaching the gospel, but letting out her nipples in glaring view.


Her name is LaTascha Emmanuel and she doesn’t see anything wrong with the way she shows off her breasts and calls herself an unconventional minister.

Christian communities were outraged by her defiance and even the audacity to term it a ‘methodology’.  The Global Christian  post reported her as saying

I can understand with you not agreeing with this methodology. But please understand with all respect for you and the title you hold I don't care. I believe I heard God clearly."

Excuse me!  

Which God was that? Oh…yeah I got it…the devil you mean.

LaTascha reminds me of a poem I wrote years back in the university which I titled ‘A Gospel Truth’. The poem was about a female evangelist who was trying to win a man over to Christ but unfortunately, she was wearing a tight fitting gown which exposed her curves, thighs and clung to her breasts. And rather than receive salvation, the man received an erection. I ended it by saying rather than save a soul for the Lord, she made sure the devil had this one. I wrote the poem after being preached to by ‘sisters’ who got us distracted by what they wore rather than be attracted by what they preached.

Seriously, how the hell do you expect people to get the message gospel when your sinfully distracting them? To be sure that this was her way of handling her ministry I went searching to see if she had another video (who knows the first one might have been a mistake and a boob slip) and then I came across another one which not only had ta-tas and nipples starring you in the face, but the beginning of the video started with a pair of breasts which were no doubt hers as they wore the same outfit as she did.

And the title of her show is just disturbingly wrong…’The gospel from the srtippers pole?’ What kind of holy image is that supposed to conjure? This is definitely new age BS and its sinfully making a mockery of the sacredness of Christianity.

On youtube pages where any of her videos appeared, comments flowed but mostly from horny dudes and Christians who expressed their outrage. The only thing I can say is that LaTascha is fulfilling the part of the scripture – Matthew 24:24 - that says there will be many false prophets, and that they shall show great signs and wonders. I guess this one is showing her own ‘sign and wonder’ for the menfolk to stare at but unlike the last part of that scripture which says ‘if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect’, we are not deceived.

I can imagine what would have happened to her if she messed with Islam in this way.

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ay said...

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon the video you linked. Very disturbing.
We are definitely in the last days.

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