20 Crazy Situations We All Hate

Doesn't it just grind your gears when you get in that awkward situation where it seems as if evil people are working against your progress? Those moments when it just seems as if luck is not just on your side? We all have these moments at some point in our lives. I encountered one of such this morning. I had to add it as point #14 on this list.

1.       Seeing a cockroach, then losing track of it and becoming a paranoid prisoner in your own home.

2.      When you and your date take a cab out for a date with the hope that you’ll pay when you get to an ATM and when you get there every ATM is out of service.

3.       Thinking that you’ve found a parking space, but as you turn in you discover that a motorcycle or some other vehicle has already occupied the spot.

4.      When a sneeze refuses to come out, causing you to look like a fool with a scrunched up face.

5.      Waiting to hear alert from the bank about your salary being ready and instead you’re being bombarded by texts from callers that are not the bank.

6.      When the week feels like: Moooooooooooooonday, Tuuuuuuuuuuueeeesday, Weeeeeeeeeeeednesday, Thuuuuuuuuuursday, FriSatSun.

7.      You scan your surroundings. Nobody is near you. You fart. Within three seconds, somebody comes right into the stinky perimeter that you’ve created.

8.     Buying a N1,500 recharge card and while scratching it you discover you scratched out some of the numbers with the foil.

9.      When you microwave frozen food and its scorching hot everywhere but the ice cold in the middle.

10.  When you buy an interesting Nollywood movie and you discover you just bought part 1 out of 5 parts.

11.    When somebody makes up lies about you, and defending yourself makes you seem guilty – but not defending yourself seems suspicious as well.

12.  Getting paid but knowing in advance that your check will be consumed by bills.

13.  When you see an ice cream bowl in the fridge but when you open it you discover it’s preserved Eba inside.

14.  When after a heavy rainfall a car speeds by splashing water on you and is gone before you can say anything.

15.   When a commercial bus stops 20+ feet away waiting for you forcing you to jog toward it.

16.  The humbling moment when you realize you’re wrong during an argument.

17.   Waking up and only having a few minutes left until the alarm will sound.

18.  When you wear a very cool outfit but don’t run into anybody noteworthy all day.

19.  When you’ve gotten some popcorn, just slotted in the DVD of your favourite series and PHCN takes light.

20.    The feeling of of wanting to take a pee badly and you’re in an area where KAI officials full everywhere.

What's your own crazy situation which you despise? Let's hear it.

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HoneyDame said...

Lmaoooooooooooo.... where do i even start from? Hnwearing somethong cool and not meeting anyone noteworthy, extremely annoying!

Toinlicious said...


Ginger said...

lol!! Nice one

When you wear a very cool outfit but don’t run into anybody noteworthy all day - this is my pet peeve Kai! waste of barfs. and of course the day you wear your rags, you meet interesting pple.