The Gbagauns of Yoruba Nollywood 4 + Hausa & Igbo! [Photos]

It's time to check out again the random butchering the English language in the ridiculous subtitling of Yoruba Nollywood movies. As you might have observed in these series, the grammatical mishaps mostly happen in Yoruba movies. In my recent search, I came across 'gbaguans' from some Hausa and Igbo movies and decided to include them as the title of this post indicates. I'll gladly appreciate anyone who can capture 'gbagauns' in Hausa and Igbo movies or any other indigenous movie that has hilarious mis-subtitling (if there's such a word!). I wanna personally thank Monike Binitie who was very helpful in majority of this collection of Yoruba Nollywood 'Gbagauns'. 

Oh...and for those who still don't know, 'gbagaun' is a Nigerian slang of yoruba origin which refers to a grammatical blunder in the English language.

So let's take a look at the next gbagaun line-up.

Wow...I didn't know Alcohol could pierce through noses.

Please I don't want to think he's referring to what I think he's referring to!

This would definitely sound disturbing tin contemporary lingo
...a man calling referencing himself to a hoe.

Yay! A new way to diagnose cough is here!
Doctors would be embarrassed watching this.

Which 'george'? The material Igbo women love to sew as blouse or...?
(Igbo Movie)

I read this and was embarrassed at my self  for reading it. was that painful.

What the heck is an 'unfortunate'? Some new hip Ibadan slang?

Yes. He is 'every' right.

If peace was in every rainfall the world would be a better place, yeah?

I'm also confused. What are you 'founding' out?

She seems to be crying at the fact that the subtitler can't translate in good english.

Respect the dead. Speak good english!

Hahaha...the lady seems to be shocked at the way he scattered the English language

At first just the 'concerns' was the problem.
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

Then later on in the same movie the grammar becomes complicated
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

Is that how they say it in polygamous families? 'Childrens'?
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

Even apostrophes are not spared the brutality of misuse along with bad grammar
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

And I'm amazed how the badly constructed subtitle makes it look like she's lying.
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

What on earth is a 'folling staling'? I'm sure I went to school oh! 

Apparently, some serious hot romance can make you speak bad English
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

The inability to distinguish between words that sound similar
has the subtitler doing disastrous guesswork.
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

I searched the dictionary for the word 'treet', googled it, facebooked it,
tweet-searched luck. I don't think it exists.
(Igbo Movie)

And the English language is not having a nice time being spoken like this.

Was this translated by a Ghanaian?
Because I think that's how 'grammar' sounds in their accent.
(courtesy Monike Binitie)

This is constipation of English. Too much to say and gbaguan happens.
(Hausa Movie)

This is probably the worst of all the subtitles in this collection.
Who did this crappy translation
(Hausa Movie)

I wish I could get more gbaguan shots from Hausa and Igbo movies. I know there are a lot of them amongst Hausa movies. Maybe I'll keep a watch on Hausa Channel on DSTV's Africa Magic.

And if you've got some, send them to me at

Have a nice week!

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Atoke said...

Thank you for the acknowledgment! This is Monike Binitie. I had fun reading it!

meme said...

Tribalism..u were so quick to write which was igbo and hausa but u forgot to tell us which is yoruba. We should lead by examples u know..

I laughed loads....

Very entertaining..

Kia, is it that they pay the translators little money? or they employ people with basic writing skill?

Afronuts said...

@Atoke...Oh Monike, so you're the one using this name? You don tay oh!

@meme...Did you read the title at all? It said 'The Gbagauns of YORUBA Nollywood' which part of that didn't you understand? Because I don't get what tribalism you're insinuating here!

@DOHK...Beats me oh!

The last was the worstest of the lot. I'm looking for someone to hook me up with nollywood I can do subtitling for these movies. I'll even start off doing it free if charge LOL