The Senseless Rationale of The Woolwich Killers

Following the tragedy in Woolwich, London where so-called Muslim fanatics butchered a man to death, a debate began in my office on the matter - Is Islam pro-violence? There was divided opinion as the Muslims in the house rejected the act.

Not long after the incident, video recordings of the violent act sprung up all over youtube. Many of them were the famous footage captured by a guy on his way to work and had been edited to showcase on the news. However there is this footage that captured one of the Woolwich killers' rant as he tried to justify their actions.

The reasons where just plain stupid.

Not long after the videos surfaced on YouTube, yet another video of a community of Muslims speaking up and against the dastardly act flooded YouTube. They disassociated themselves from the killers.

The two killers; Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo are of Nigerian blood and have really scarred Nigeria's image by their actions. What makes the matter worse is the fact that the victim is a white man, a soldier and British citizen.

This looks like trouble about to blow up for Nigerians in the UK.

God help us.

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