Today Means Something to Me...

It's the day I was born! It's my birthday today!

Me at 1 year old.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to an awesome me!

What? you don't think I'm awesome? well some people think I am...Almighty God and my sweet family, nuclear and partially extended. 


People say A.Y and I bear striking resemblance as babies. 
Is it true?

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I'm loving those shoes you wore on your 1st birthday ;)
E ku aseye ,naa congrats

Eya Ayambem said...

Yes it's true. Happy Birthday!!!

sykik said...

Happy baiday to you. I wish you all the best life has to offer. Enjoy your day.

You sure look cute @ 1 and your son na real cabon copy.

'Lara said...

Happy birthday...hope you enjoyed the day.

ay said...

Before I even saw that you wrote so, I was already thinking that you look like your little A.Y. as a kid.

Yeah, it is true..

Happy birthday in arrears Afronuts!!!!

Ginger said...

I missed your birthday :(

The wishes are as fresh and joyful even though late...Happy birthday :)