Woolwich Killing: Smells like a Conspiracy?

Unlike the popular saying that says 'the more you look, the less you see' terror cases such as that of the Woolwich killings is proving otherwise. The incident has raised many questions among conspiracy circles.

It suddenly reminds one of the Muttalab saga where a Nigerian youth said to be an Al-Qaeda loyalist attempted to embark on a suicide mission of bombing himself away with an aircraft but ended up bombing himself.
Questions arose around Farouk Abdul Muttallab known back then as the underwear bomber. Before we know it, we are thrown into dug-up and investigated reports of the boy's involvement in terrorist-oriented ideology, training and activities.

Now, with the investigations surrounding one of the Woolwich killers, Michael Adebolajo, its been unearthed that he was once arrested in November 2010 on their way to Somalia where they had been recruited by an insurgent islamic group.

Michael Adebolajo (circled) with the 5 others caught after their reported attempt to cross the border

More stories have emerged that Britain's Mi5 had tried convincing him to become a spy on terrorist groups but he blatantly refused. A bunch of of other information have surfaced giving us an insight to the genesis of his fanaticism.

Renown Nigerian politician and lawyer, Femi Fani-Kayode wrote an article that questioned the suspiciousness of the killing on that fateful day.

According to Fani-Kayode;

"Immediately after finishing their gruesome act the killers then conducted their own impromptu press conference, brandishing knives and meat cleavers in blood-soaked hands, with random members of the public asking to be filmed and qouted whilst their clothes were soaked, drenched and dripping in human blood. After their ”presss conference” ended they moved to the other side of the road and calmly waited for the police to arrive. They had all the time in the world to do so but they plainly refused to run and attempt to avoid arrest or the imminent arrival of the police. According to eye-witnesses (and I watched the footage on CNN) the police took no less than 30 minutes to get to the scene and confront the two killers. They did NOT get there in the 9 minutes that they are claiming.

When the police eventually arrived instead of surrendering peacefully to them or attempting to run away, the two young men charged at them brandishing their knives and meat cleaver in a menacing way and attempting to shoot their old and rusty pistol. Unfortunately for them the pistol exploded in the hand of the individual that tried to use it. They were both promptly shot, wounded and disarmed. Yet before the police arrived another rather curious incident took place. A strange yet very courageous Scandinavian woman, who just happened to be sitting on a bus that was driving past, told the bus driver to stop when she saw the carnage that was being inflicted on the dying soldier, got off the bus and calmly walked over to the killers even as they were still killing him. She then proceeeded to have a detailed conversation with them asking them why they were doing what they were doing and assuring them that in the end they would lose the fight because it was ”just them against many”.

The scanadinavian

Is this not a rather curious encounter? Who really was that Scandinavian lady and who does she really work for? Is she a genuine hero or is she what, in security and intelligence circles, is known as a controller? Is she part of the system because to do what she did took immense courage? So many questions still need to be asked and answered. For example why did the police take so long before responding? Why were the killers given all the time in the world to conduct a graphic, loud and unofficial press conference in the streets with members of the public after beheading and carving up the young soldier?

Even more curiously the police and intelligence agencies have now admitted that these two young men were “known to them”. If that were the case how come they were never put under close surveillance, monitored, questioned or arrested? Why did all this have to take place at approximately 3.00pm in the afternoon, at that location (a crossroads of four junctions) and on that date? Why did the assailants have to cut off their victims head, hang around there for thirty minutes whilst ranting and whilst soaked and covered in their victims blood? Why did the killers insist that only women could come near the dying body of their victim? Why was this whole thing allowed to happen and to drag on like it did for 30 uninterrupted minutes by the authorities? Why did the police refuse to move in even though numerous members of the public were having detailed conversations with the assailants?"

Fani-Kayode alluded to the probability of the use of mind-control which the 'higher-ups' are infamous for using. It sounds like a possibility when you've come across circumstantial evident of such in the case of other tragic incidences carried by the news.

My own additional question would be this: Was this a 'false flag attack'? Conspiracy buffs would know what I mean. In case you don't know what a 'false flag attack' means, just google it and find out, the information is out there.


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