Gospel Sounds With Depth: C-Stas & Efe

In a music world where there’s a lot of instrumented rubbish being pumped into the airwaves, there are occasional 'breaths of fresh air'; that is, music that carries pure artistry and creative originality. But what can make such a breath of fresh air more powerful is when it’s a spiritually uplifting gospel tune. Mind you, I’d also want to note that there are supposed gospel tunes that unfortunately sound like off-shoots of the instrumented rubbish I mentioned earlier.

And so I was caught in the spirit when I came across these ‘breaths of fresh air’ of gospel tunes that carry the essence of originality and creativity in instrumentation as well as lyrics…and no excessive auto-tuning (I had to mention that. That thing gets on my nerves like gnats on a baby’s skin!).

Song: Odun
Artiste: C-Stas

This is a musical group consisting of four pretty ladies namely, Nanatsa, Layray, BeeNaya and BeeDel (definitely stage names I guess). They harmonize so sweetly in their singing and don’t have a specific genre which their music can be categorized due to the fact their inspirations come as led by the spirit (awesome!). Their sounds are said to dabble between R&B, Soul, Rock, Fuji , Afro-beat, Traditional Folk music etc. To further understand this, you may need to listen to their lovely single titled ‘Odun’ which is a sort of traditional/R&B/Afrobeat (I hope I got that!) blend. The song celebrates God’s love and reiterates that God’s love is as sweet as honey - ‘Odun’ actually means ‘Sweet’ in English.

You can download the music to listen from the link below. 

Song: Still Within The Flow 
Artiste: Efe

Efe is an artiste that I’ve never come across before but when I did come across this track of hers, I knew that the manifestation of God’s children has begun.  This track, ‘Still Within the Flow’ I believe is from an album of hers titled ‘A New Level’. It’s a kind of track that you rarely find in gospel music nowadays since a lot of gospel artistes get carried away with entertaining and forget about ministering. 

I listened to Efe render her lines on ‘Still Within the Flow’ and I felt the anointing strike me through the music; when she bursts into tongues in between the song, I just felt powerfully spiritually charged. This no doubt was a song produced under the anointing. This is a must listen for every spirit-filled Christian. Its beginning is captivating with the pulsating percussion and her first lines. This was one powerful breath of fresh air I just had to play several times.

You can download the music to listen from the link below.

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