Nollywood: A Critical Review by Two Angry Men

Meet James and Harry of 'Two Angry Men' - a series on Youtube that does social commentary and criticism of matters arising in the Nigerian social strata. In this interesting episode, they dissect the mediocre aspect of Nollywood.

The duo are somewhat informed and know their onions as they point out smart facts that actually 'dull' Nollywood and brings to realization that there are lots of loopholes to be covered despite the so-called development in the industry.

Delivered in a funny conversation and argument, the format of the discussion looks like a chat taking place in a beer parlour or at a bar with Harry (in brown shirt and more out-spoken on the issue) spear-heading the convo.

I suspect these guys probably work in the industry.

Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

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Debby 'Baro said...

The important thing is that the producers should learn from the mistakes that are pointed out to them. It is only by so doing that there can be an improvement.