Sex on a Cake - All for Iyanya [Photos]

Yeah...its all over the media that Nigerian artiste and project fame winner, Iyanya celebrated his birthday by visiting Ikoyi prisons and having a groove time with inmates. He was said to have even promised to build a recording studio for promising inmates with music talent.

That was the heartwarming part. Nice PR!

However the 'ewo!' part would be Iyanya's birthday cakes!

First they sent in this one which was naughty in the way the artiste was featured on it.

Then they later sent in this one which was waaayyy explicit!


And written on the cake is the line from his raunchy song - 'All I want is your waist'.

We talk about the fact that the world is getting more rotten by the day and we see it reflected in music, movies, lifestyles and fashion. Now its reflecting in our food too.

I've seen a lot of questionable naughty cakes posted online and most came from the western world where sick sinful natures are at their max. But now its becoming a trend in Naija as well. Was it not some posts away that I was talking about a cake that had underwear design on it for another celebrity?

So how would the eating of this sexually explicit cake be like? Who would consume the couple on the bed? (If they are consumable).
But seriously, this is not a good image for Iyanya. I'm no fan (Heck, I'm never anybody's fan) but this is way too extreme.

I don't know why his manager had to do this; its branding Iyanya wrongly.

He could have at least done something more tasteful like the cake Tolu Oniru (Toolz) got for her birthday.

I believe there are other creative ways to make a cake look good just like Toolz' cake. Unless...this was a deliberate attempt at sexually branding Iyanya.

Oh well...I'm just voicing my own. I know his fans, especially the females will dig the cake.

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ay said...

Very disgusting.. The guy himself promotes all this rubbish with his useless way of carrying himself and his sexually explicit lyrics. It's like he hardly even puts on a shirt while performing on stage..mscheew

He's just a disappointment to me. After winning such an important and well thought out show as Project Fame one would have thought he'll produce sensible music and not go around promoting himself as a sex symbol.

I've been irritated by him for a very long time.. Pardon my rant.