Movie on Aluu Killings in The Making?

Trust Idumota marketers to cash in on the opportunity to make a movie out of anything that's either trending or making news. Reports gathered are that Simony Productions, the Idumota marketers who brought you the movie 'Blackberry Babes' are out to make a movie based on the four Uniport students that were killed by Aluu residents in Port Harcourt.

Many Nigerians have actually been condemning the development; the fact that a tragic incident that happened in October was already being scripted into a movie only just two months after the incident. Another aspect that would be violated is the unsought consent of the families of the deceased students.

Meanwhile another report says that the producer is condemning the fact that people are quick to conclude that his movie is about the Aluu killings. He is said to claim that it is not about the Aluu 4 and that people should wait to see the movie first.

Well, that's what the producer is reported to be saying but seriously, if we look at the pictures from the location shoot above, are they not enough to tempt us to ask the following questions? 

  1. Isn't the fact that the beaten-up characters are four in number a striking coincidence?
  2. Don't their attackers look like some sort of uniformed a vigilante group? (The real killers were vigilante)
  3. Why have they've all been stripped of their clothing and huddled together looking hopeless and similar?
  4. Why is it that looking at the pix alone the thought that comes to one's mind is 'Aluu'?

I guess time will tell. Until we see what this movie is really about (if there really is such a movie in the making!), we can't nail the producers for shooting a movie on an incident that's still very fresh in our minds. But if the movie has nothing to do with the Aluu 4 or is just having a scene that is a coincidence, then I'll say they did make a big mistake making it look too familiar.

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Hmmm, I am not sure I am comfortable with this.

A-9ja-Great said...

The Nigerian movie industry can like to fall hand sha.