A.Y's Kim Kardashian Spoof - Hilarious! [Photo + Video]

Fresh on youtube is this hilarious skit by A.Y the comedian. It was actually a spoof of Kim Kardashian's visit to Nigeria. On seeing the thumbnail picture I wondered who the actress who played Kim was till I saw that it was Juliet Ibrahim, a half-caste Ghanaian actress.

The video was really funny!

Juliet looked so much like Kim in an extra sun-tanned way. A.Y played multiple roles of Kanye West and Darey Art Alade. The video also spoofed elements of 'my Oga at the top' and Tuface Idibia's child-bearing notoriety. There was also a tribute to the big hips of Nigerian women.

The hilarious parts were those ones were Naija lingos and indigenious slangs popped up now and again.
It's a good watch and well produced spoof.

Okay let me not drop too many spoilers. You need to see it yourself if you haven't seen it.

Nice one AY!

Abi he no try?