Jumia co-founders featured in Forbes Africa

On the trail of successes they have achieved as one of the pioneers of online retail in Nigeria, co-founders of Jumia , Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde have been featured in April’s edition of Forbes Africa magazine. In this awe-inspiring piece the duo talk to Abisola Owolawi about finding their dream, rising against the odds, their challenges and their rise to building Nigeria’s number 1 online retailer.
In another exciting sequence, the website has grown to be the 5th local content website in Nigeria and the customer’s number 1 online retailer of choice.

The 10 month retail store has seen exponential growth in size of baskets and traffic to its site. Inadvertently leading to growth in all areas of its operations from staff, fleet, warehousing facilities, to more recently the addition of 3 locations in Warri, Kaduna and Benin; an addition to those existing in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.

“As Nigeria’s no.1 online retailer, Jumia will continue to pioneer the Nigerian retail market, with a vision to being the answer to retail both offline and online in sub-Saharan Africa. As a place for direct retail shopping online with limitless reach and audience, we have seen orders come in large numbers from every nook and cranny of Nigeria, and in our commitment to our customers and making good on our promises of on time for delivery, we are gradually expanding and gaining foothold in more cities across Nigeria”, explained co-founders Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor.

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I just checked out the Jumia site recently and I have to say it was worth it. I initially thought it was a site for just purchasing stuff but I also found out that its a site that's selling stuff at favorably discounted prices and you also get it shipped free to your doorstep!

These days people are getting internet savvy and so very busy, the time to go buy some stuff or even go looking for it may just not be there. Jumia offers services to take off the burden off your shoulders. And do they have a lot on the site - I've been looking for some books to buy and just as I happened to surf by Jumia, I saw the book offerings for sale at well discounted prices. Not only will you find books by Nigerian authors, but ones by foreign authors as well.

One thing I can basically say about Jumia is that you'll definitely always come across stuff you need on there. Its a fast growing online shopping site that's offering lots more each passing day; holidays are never left out with discount and special offers. This is definitely becoming an e-retail force to reckon with.

So sit at your laptop or with your ipad and do some window shopping, you'll be amazed at how many of your needs you'll find on Jumia.

And kudos to Raphael and Tunde...you guys are making us Nigerians proud!

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ay said...

When I hear Jumia I'm always happy..:) Nice to finally see the faces of those behind the great site.

I discovered Jumia early last year, when they just started operating and purchased two books at first and I was impressed by the service. My books were delivered for free. They call you to confirm your order, your stuff get delivered to you on time and then they call you after to make sure your goods got to you..

I also got Chinua Achebe's 'There was a country' from them last year when it was released and they delivered on time, barely two days after my order although I had to pay a fee for delivery.. I guess they did the free delivery thing before because they were just starting up.

I love the site and plan on getting other things from them with time once I have plenty to spend..lol..:)

Thumbs up to the guys!!