Lady Bloggers of the Week - Okeoghene, Toinlicious, Ay & Daughter of Her King

I remember I made a promise and I intend to keep it.

And that’s to review some of the blogs that answered the photo quiz titled ‘Who are they?’ which I posted some time back. It was a collection of old photos of celebrities in their baby or younger days before they made it.

Those who got most of the questions were Debby Baro and Okwuchi. Unfortunately, Okwuchi didn’t have a blog registered on her name and I accidentally reviewed a blog she was following instead which happened to be Aisle Perfect. Guess it’s their luck then.

I gave both Debby & Aisle Perfect full reviews while the others – Okeoghene, Toinlicious, Ay and Daughter of Her King - get joint reviews. 

So here we are!

Lets start with Okeoghene.

Okeoghene’s blog greets your eyes with its flowery background motif and transparent thread for the posts. It’s simplicity and arrangement makes it a pleasant and easy blog to read; you have too many items conflicting with your vision. Her  blog looks like some mild and pleasant eye candy. 

Okeoghene’s tagline reflects the issues discussed on her blog – ‘God, Parenting, Family Life and everything in between’. The blog focuses on topical issues that are enlightening as stated on the tagline. She also does one thing which I’ve always stated is important for any blog – she makes use of pictures to illustrate her points and she does select apt ones and equally credit it to source.
My only grouse with Okeoghene is consistency. The blog is not consistent; sometimes an entry can ride for just a month only. Besides that, it’s a nice blog.

Like Toinlicious’ tagline says, her blog is all about ‘everything from a wondering and wandering mind’. She does a lot of wondering and wandering on her blog posts as she relives her personal experiences as well as share external features.

While her blog adorns a artistic rock star template, it retains a readable simplicity in some of its interesting and precise entries. Toinlicious does happen to have a list of entries which are quite an interesting read and even though she lacks in keeping some consistency on the blog, she has managed to garner online blog awards via friends and tag games. I hope the blog doesn’t die off like a number of other good blogs because it’s becoming characteristic of most blogger’s interest in blogging to wane; hope she doesn’t wander off.


The tagline on Ays blog tells us she’s on a journey of self-discovery. A smart one which makes the existence of a blog very important.  She gives us points of view on life from the perspective of a upcoming pharmacist.
With a pleasant orange template and eye-friendly font, you get to read Ay’s blog with ease. I guess the colors add to the warmth.

Ay’s love of books (which is obvious from her posts and even her site's url) equally helps enrich her content. From my experience both as a writer and a reader,  I’ve come to understand how reading can influence the way you write; and the more avid you are as a reader, the more you are bound to be expressive and sometimes creative when you blog.
You’ll see this evident in the fact that Ay also does poetry at times. The way I see it, this is one blogger who make an interesting follow…if only she were more consistent with her blogging,

From the title of her blog you can tell she’s all about the Lord. Her tagline emphasizes on stages and timing as per living life. DOHK’s blog stands out like an counselor online; one that shares the bits of words of wisdom she has learnt in her own life time. The blog is a personal blog just like the others discussed. Her updates at times come with her own personal pictures which tells us that she’s got nothing to hide and is as open as possible on the blog.

DOHK is practically a teacher because there’s a lot of stuff you can learn from her blog posts; she kind of counsels you and gives answers to a myriad of questions you may have never thought of asking. The richness of her material would account for why the blog posts are not a daily feature on the site.
I only wish she had a nicer looking template. For a blog that’s got rich content, it deserves a better template that would make reading the material more enjoyable. While the present template isn’t exciting enough to make me want to stay glued to the blog, the content keeps me staying there to read.

Keep doing your thing ladies...blogging is cool.

Now I can breathe...I kept my promise!

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Toinlicious said...

I'll try not to wander off. Thanks for the review :)

Dobby said...

Nice write up!

ay said...

Awww... Thanks for the review, Afronuts.


Debby 'Baro said...

I appreciate the passion with which you are doing these reviews of the blogs. It's great too that you keep to your promise.Cheers!

Awwwwwwww dude that was totally totally cool... I love the review and I totally appreciate the honesty, exposure and advice...

To be honest, I didn't even know taking part in the competition would involve a blog review... lol.

Thank you again.

Re. I would take it on board. Also if possible I would love to hear your ideas on how to improve the template.. xxx