Signs of the Times 5 [Photos]

This is the 5th of the funny photo series I collected titled Signs of the Times. I've always said it that there's comedy everywhere; on signboards, road signs, labels etc. Its just a matter of keeping an eagle eye out to spot one. I got some of these ridiculous pics online and I snapped some myself. You'd be amazed what you can find when you're on the lookout with your phone's camera about Naija. 

What manner of Fufu are they selling?
And is the rice they sell meant to be airborne or something?

Only in Naija will you find people who will break
the law under an enforcer's nose.

Naija people just love to add curses to stuff
...even if its a sign that's meant to teach you toilet etiquette.

I'd love to hug Jesus like that too
...but He wouldn't be a photoshopped painting.

This Naija movie, 'A Wish' has foreign actors starring in it?
Or was some knucklehead sleeping at his computer.

Gone are the days when plastic containers,
napkins et al were given as wedding souvenirs.
Now they're giving away bread too...I don't know if its Agege bread oh.

*Trying to imagine what a female computer looks like*
I give up!

Psquare now have a popcorn business...or is this a joke?

This is a wedding? Looks like a blockbuster Yoruba Nollywood
movie waiting to happen!

Hahaha...did you see the one above about LAWMA?
Yes...this is another one!

lol...I refuse to mention the name of this reputable news magazine,
although they tried to save their  butts with the notice below.

Seriously, I almost thought this was that drink called Smirnoff Ice.
This is Palmwine with packaging!

Hahaha...Got this from my cousin. A dating anniversary wah oh

Spot the anomaly in this banner.

Tribute to Iyanya's music...?

If don't know why this is a funny pix, google 'Zule Zoo'

The reason why he never won the election is clear on this

Haa! What has Jesus got to do with beer?

Even fufu joints now have corporate arrangements.

One drug can do all that?
(click to enlarge and read it)

You can 'ping' on these products?

Quick ejaculation ke? This is what happens when English is someone's enemy!

Even if you no know book, you are qualified!

Just read...I can't!

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Simply mee said...

bansing is bouncing...ahahaha
plane and fly rice?...oh my!
the arms hugging JESUS is too long sef!...ahahhahaaaa
Oh my goodnesss! 9ja!
yes, there is humour everywhere.
Like the names of churches sent to my mail by a friend...I laugh till my body ache....ahahhahaaa

Toinlicious said...

Qualification, born again??? *dead*

sykik said... definitely know how to crack ribs . The last picture is so real solve your problems...

Enkay said...

lol! Some posters just make me want to hide my face in shame but they're just hilarious for me to even bother.

How a newspaper or magazine can even publish these adverts with outlandish claims is beyond me.


I cannot stop laughing Kai na wa

Tamie said...