Exhumed Corpse of Raped Girl Video - There were Actually Two Girls [Viewer Discretion Advised]

I first got wind of this circulating news via a co-worker on BBM. Apparently this had been going round as the news of a girl that had been gang-raped and buried alive. When I got the link, it led to a website where the video was loaded and the only info was as written below:

‘This is an evil act. Raping a young lady and burying her alive. But thank God for Nigerian army who uncover this evil act after 12 hrs. Girls be warned...mind who you are going out with! Cultism is on the increase among the Nigeria youths....why this killings everyday! God Please have mercy on us’.

Later I was to discover that it had been copied verbatim from Onyejekwe Macdonald’s Youtube page description of the video. This same thing was replicated by other sites and blogs.

It’s a terrible scenario to behold…a naked dead girl, bound at her wrists, blindfolded and gagged being exhumed from a sandy grave which points to the fact that it happened in a beachy area which is what Bonny Island would look like.

The Culprits bringing out the corpse

Apparently from the video, there was another girl which the culprits had also killed but had not buried. From about 2:01 minutes into the video, one of the officers is heard asking;

‘Why didn’t they bury the other one and they buried only this one?’

I’m not sure people watched this video well before reporting it. Many just copy pasted without any useful addition to the report. Then contrary to the report spreading, there was no proof that she was buried alive. The army personnel there speculated that she must have been killed before being buried. For all those who are reporting that she was buried alive, where did you get the evidence? One person in the video mentioned the girl being buried alive but others voiced that she was raped, killed and buried.

The incident happened sometime last year as the Youtube video recorded loading it on the 13th of October 2012.

I wonder why it’s being dug up so late into this year. I guess the Linda Ikeji needed to upload something that would news-trend…and it worked.