Sleeping 'Beauties' [Photos]


We all need it. It is that refreshing exercise where our systems are shut down and rebooted for fresh functionality. If we deny ourselves of it we just might fall one day and give up the ghost.

Sleep is essential to keep us going...its just that it cane make us look ridiculous as well as these pictures prove...

The Fantastic Four. This is probably one of the most
popular sleeping pix combination on twitter

A big belly to add some touch to the ridiculousness

The young shall grow...and they shall also
look weird in their sleep

A sleep can be so enjoyable that you wouldn't notice
a couple of rats napping beside you.

Even plastic chairs can offer some comfort for your back
while your mouth offers comfort for flies

This looks like the kind of expression one has
on his face when scratching his nuts.

No, he wasn't talking, his mouth went ajar when he saw money he couldn't touch in his dreams.

The pillow makes sleep sweeter
and your face wowo-er

Imagine you're dreaming and you're about to fight with
a bus conductor, this is probably how your face would look like.

Sleep is also the best time a concerned roommates can cut your biabia
while taking photos that make you look like a goofball.

Our mouths just have a way of embarrassing us..

Do not try this at home...putting your head
through burglary proof before dozing off.

And you thought it was only alcohol that can
make people look like morons? 

He's a farmer...don't think he can't get tired.

Life is so tough, its hard to close the mouth when sleeping.

Its not easy being a Naija policeman.

Sleep can make you stay in the dumbest positions ...
just look at where each one is pointing his gun.
Na only one person go suffer.

Its one thing to sleep in church, its another
to look like that's what you came to do.

It's an opportunity to arrange a photography
session for you complete with aluminium costume

This photo is becoming so popular on twitter, the sleeper
should be ready to start signing autographs with her spit.

Honestly, I thought that was jar-jar binks from star wars...sleep can be so unfair!

Standing at illegal checkpoints to collect small change is no easy job.
 Let sleeping cops lie.

No, he wasn't closing his eyes while singing from the depth
of his heart, he was snoring from  inner circles of his nose.

What a male cop can do...

No, he wasn't saying that, his snoring just sounded like that.

All work and no sleep makes lady a dull employee.

Have a good nights sleep y'all...whenever you actually go to sleep, that it!

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That last lady just killed it for me lmao

Debby 'Baro said...

Dear Afronuts, I hope you are more of a sleeping beauty?