The 'Gbagauns' of Yoruba Nollywood 3 [Photos]

From the stables of our accidentally hilarious Yoruba arm of Nollywood comes another collection of 'gbagauns' which I gathered in an all round search on the internet. That is not to say I'm not on a lookout to capture any if I happen at anytime to see it on Yoruba Africa Magic.

The funny thing is that reading these grammatical blunders of subtitles make the person in the picture really look bad; even if they are speaking the correct thing, it looks as if they're not. Nobody sees the subtitle person, they only see the person on the screen. It just gives the funny impression that they can't speak good English.

So all Yoruba Nollywood actors and actresses take note - bad subtitlers may be ruining your reputation!

Sounds like an illiterate trying to quote
The King James version of the Bible. 

In real life this kind of gbagaun can make you lose chances of wooing a lady.

There wasn't really a gbagaun here but the use 'Sokoto' shows that
the subtitle person had no idea what the English  translation was.

Is he implying that Garri has replaced alcohol?

With a facial expression like that and a violent butchering of English,
she really does sound convincing.

What on earth is a Pomangene Juice? Is it another name for Zobo?

Peak? Is that a new phone slang? I would have said the subtitle person
missed  'S' before the 'Peak' but that would be unrealistic.

No gbagaun here actually but this scenario is kind of stupid and funny.

*Tries to get the meaning,. Starts to have an headache. Gives up*

Hahaha! See how they are messing up this fine girl's
rep with an insane gbagaun.

He wants to go stand before a mirror and hiss at himself?
Or am I missing something?

No gbagaun here but it was a funny scenario.
Spiderman makes a cameo appearance in a yoruba movie.

A shurty? What is that? Confused subtitle person
definitely didn't know how to express  what was being said.

Chickens are now suspect in intriguing situations.

He must have done it through time travel.
That's the only excuse for this grammatic shotgun

I had my university education in Nigeria and I know
 there's no 'Upper' in 'First class'! Who were they trying to fool?

Another time travel scenario where a lesson was taught
...or how do you explain the 'came?

Its official. You can now be arrested by mental police...abi?

No gbagaun here. But that retarded look coupled with
her ignorance was a priceless laugh. a thorough ass-whooping can make one a Picasso right?
Or are you saying 'fainted' with Hausa accent?

With a look like that on his face, it looks as if
he actually spoke this truncated English

And that about wraps it on this third installment of The 'Gbagauns' of Yoruba Nollywood. I'd still collect more if I could find though its getting hard to get them online. If you ever have one please feel free to send it to me at

Cheers y'all.

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Myne Whitman said...

OMG, some of the subtitles are too bad! LOL...You've made my day with laughter today, thanks.

ay said...

Lmao!! =D

That 'Erm, buy me Pomangene juice' gbagaun is actuallly from an English Nollywood movie-'Mr and Mrs'

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sykik said...

Lol.....lemme go and hiss myself. I will came back because you are two beautiful than one can let go. Hehheheeeee

Porcelain said...

freaking hilarious, lol