Between Charles Novia's Article & Maheeda's Response

I have since decided not to write about Maheeda anymore but when I came across this article that Charles Novia wrote titled ‘Maheeda’s Maladjustment’ and was amazed at how the ace movie director practically psychoanalysed this chick’s insane transition from the secular to gospel music and finally to a self-absorbed internet risque artiste, and finally use it to explain the depraving nature of morals in the Nigerian society. The truth he speaks about is undeniable.

I just couldn't resist pulling out parts of the article and commenting on them. Check out these excerpts: 
Somehow, Maheeda started posting suggestive pictures of her body on her instagram page which caught the interest of Nigerian bloggers. Since blogging is generally an acceptable form of lazy journalism and tittle-tattling in Nigeria, Maheeda’s pictures got the desired attention she wanted. Either by a covert or overt payment to leading bloggers to keep her in the news (as it is wont in Nigerian cyberspace) or a calculated ploy to garner more hits to their sites, the bloggers went all the way out with more indulging pictures of the young lady. And she was ever willing to give more and cheerfully too with no intention by me to denigrate her past profession by this phrase.

Very true that blogging has become an acceptable form of lazy journalism thanks to those who carry false information about and just blog news without doing any proper research. I’m not sure about her paying to be kept in the news since most of the bloggers who feature her stuff just steal from other blogs in order to draw traffic to theirs. I believe Maheeda was able to get attention because she had managed to get known through her brief stint in the music industry and the noise about her becoming born again. In today’s sick society, if you were an artiste that stopped going secular and claimed to be born again and you suddenly decided to start stripping online thus contradicting what you claimed to be, you’ll definitely get attention – both good and bad.  
It is instructive to psycho-analyse negative trenders such as Maheeda who have decided to gain cheap or compulsory notoriety by posting pictures of their nakedness on social networks. Granted, there were others before her based in Nigeria or somewhere in America , some older Nanny Goats who threw decorum to the wind as well and posted pictures of drooping breasts and disgusting backsides in a bid to gain unfathomable attention. Did Maheeda learn from them? Or did she decide to improve on their art ( or rather, their tart!)?. 
Maheeda is like a copycat of these three women.
The first two being more prominent.Recognize them?
Hahaha! Was he referring to those 'popular' women who are totally dedicated to polluting the morals of this generation with wanton smuttiness and soft-porn? But seriously, Maheeda shares similarity traits which seemed to have been copied from these women. 
Whatever the reasons are, we all should be worried about this growing trend where shamelessness and wanton exposure of Nigerian women is fast becoming the order of the day. The children see all these things and I shudder to think of what is going to happen in our social space in a few years. A replication or cloning of millions of Maheedas and her likes is probably inevitable.
It already looks like the cloning has actually begun. Maheeda is just a clone of the older ‘nanny goats’ to quote Mr. Novia. 
Oh yes, there are some who would react angrily to the fears I have expressed here and post comments under ‘Anonymous’ name tags on some blogs where this article would find amplification and vilify me and not my points. For such missing links, you are entitled to your putrid opinions in the closets of your anonimity where cowards and bullies find voice.
This message no doubt is for those people who derive pleasure in checking out Maheeda’s pictures and masturbating to them. And its evident that this was one of Maheeda’s aims from a comment she made on her twitter account after her Instagram account was deleted:
“There’s one thing 4sure , thanks to my old Instagram account, my picture is in the hard dicks of men and women’s head, delete that! Haha!‘
 Back to Mr. Novia’s article:

But the fact remains that you who support and urge the Maheedas of this clime to carry on with the de-mystification of all that is dear and sacrosanct womanhood, are no better than she is. You are intertwined in the pugnancy of her putrid purpose. You both are destroyers of the last remnants of the African woman’s mystique and majesty. You support and encourage her to destroy your children’s moral future. That is just the plain truth.

Gbam! I could have said this better! Seriously, let’s think about it – if people were ignoring Maheeda’s dirty pictures and wanton risqué behavior, would she be encouraged to continue? If she wasn’t getting attention she’s enjoying, would she have continued? So she’s not the only one to blame!

I may not know much about psychology or psychosis but I am willing to bet that Mrs Maheeda is in the early stages of bi-polarism. It is possible that she is using the pictures to Jekyll and Hyde her mental health issues. Mercifully, she lives in a Western society where it is only a matter of time where her total sanity would be called to question.
But if Maheeda is not ill, then what is her plan? Is she possessed by a legion of seventy times seven demons after her earlier conversion to Christianity? Or is she just being plain silly? If she is being silly, then the blogs and websites which amplified her silly whims have a moral question to answer.

Another chilling truth! With the contrasting personalities that she has switched into and out of, one is forced to wonder whether she’s mentally ill and has a case of personality disorder. Then the second paragraph above explains a spiritual truth which could be said to be what has happened to Maheeda – the repossession of a back-slid Christian by amplified sin. Blogs and sites that love to feature galleries of her pics are encouraging the farce.

It is not also far-fetched too that Maheeda might be using the naked pictures of herself as a new form of visual prostitution. Selling her body now revamped and refurbished in a new clime, to her former clients as if to call them out. She might be saying, ‘You can’t have this now. I have gone to another level’.
Indeed, she has reached a new level. An all-time low of self-destruction in a gradual process. But knowing the society in which I live and where she comes from, her destruction may be pyrhic: the sick social society would soon invite her to red carpet functions and events. Soon, she just might be signing autographs and strutting societal streets of false adulation.

I guess this may be Maheeda’s aim – to become a popular socialite with a large fan base; just like Kim Kardashian who kick-started her ‘career’ (if you call that a career!) via an infamous sex tape. These are the worst kind of people to peddle as role models to a younger generation.

And what was Maheeda’s response to Mr. Novia’s article? As usual, she so loved the attention that she had to drop four tweets in response. 

I had to laugh when she called Mr. Novia ‘an attention seeker’. As far as I know, Mr. Novia doesn’t need to seek attention; he’s already a force in the industry what with his recent movie ‘Alan Poza’ which is gathering acclaim. Also, from all that Mr. Novia wrote, the only thing that Maheeda could gather was that he was writing about her p***y because he has none…this just goes to show her level of intelligence. And that talk about making a movie about her just cracked me up. What can one get from her lifestyle that constitutes anything but a material for a ‘waka pass' role?

Mr. Novia isn’t the kind of person Maheeda should even confront; he’s a heavyweight in the movie industry with experience that would make her exploit amount to the value of used toilet paper in a restroom.

No need masquerading. The truth is just too bitter for this Chick to stomach.

You can read Charles Novia's full article here.

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