Signs of The Times 7 [Photos]

Time for another chronicle of ridiculous photos of funny written, printed or painted stuff caught about town and out of town. I guess one can say that as long as there is life, there will always be hilarious stuff written about town due to some amusing level of illiteracy or ignorance. Sometimes its even more than just that - it could be as a result of some stubborn and daring over-confidence.

Check out the compilation below...

If I never knew that Shawarma was something you eat,
I would have thought it was some local artiste's latest single

This woman must be from Sulia's village.
Oh you don't know Sulia? But you've heard of Jenifa?

Say 'gbagaun!' if you see it!

Ram fighting sports have been somewhat a tradition in Nigerian.
But this banner featuring Rams that are renown champions just cracked me up.

A bookshop where they sell frozen chicken and fish...oh and recharge cards ?

Lord have this Herbal Doctor meant to treat one
or kill one with bad grammar?

While the one above promises to turn mumu kids
into smart alecs, the one below must have experienced
something like the Columbime shooting on
a juju and cutlass level

Cursed Plantain.
Too bad people who may steal it are already cursed.

If you understand Yoruba, this ought to crack you up.
Translation: 'Beware of dog that snacks on testicles'

Another sign cursing the destiny of anyone that litters.
'Pour refuse here and your destiny is cursed along with your family'

Writen as it sounds eh? this where soldiers come to get charged for battle?
Ghanaian 'gbagaun' representing

So Public Toilet operators have an association?
Wow...and I thought Naija was weird with associations.
This puts the emphasis on the statement that
 'Shit business is serious business'.

I hope this is not a school for knuckleheads because
I know from experience that Normal is boring.

The owner of this school must either be
a football fanatic or a pervert

Seriously, we need a TV reslity show titled
'Pimp my Keke Marwa'
Of course there's no 'horry' in life.
We don't know what the heck 'horry' means!

Never print or stick what you don't understand on your car.
Remixing spiritual lingo in Ghanaian freestyle.

Slow and steady wins the race to acquire your desire shey?

This person be 'falling hand' on his or her resume...haba!

Seriously though....who are her parents?
How can they be this unfair nah?

Hey...its good to be creative and prayerful about your wedding.
Its just that...err...this one get as e be oh.

So of all the photos of this late man,
it was one of him shacking beer that they put up for his obituary?

Gbagaun on an obituary poster?
This na gross disrespect to the dead oh!
Okay. I've got to stop here and save the rest for another post before this one becomes too long.

Have a nice week!

5 Screamer(s):

CherryWine said...

This actually had me cracking up like a loon. My two favourites were the "Habbalise" :(question: what has USA got to do with the list of sicknesses he purports to cure?) and the dog that snacks on testicles #dead.

Quick correction on the refuse dumping sign. 'Sofo omo ati dukia' means to suffer a loss of both children and property.

Waiting expectantly for the next instalment.

CherryWine said...

OMG! I just got it! USA is ulcer! Yeepa.

Afronuts said... didn't even realise that!

My mouth is completely agape!!!

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