Niggas: Representing with Ignorance


That one word that sounds cool when 'representing' folk says it to each other.


That identification that fraternizes friends who share the same bandwagon beliefs.


A word that has a genesis in slavery but has migrated into an identity.


A word that's become a paradox because its both an insult as well as a compliment.

In a world where the bad is painted as good, we stand the danger of really ignoring the truth of certain things we've come to embrace. Just take a look at anything that surrounds the word 'Nigga' - they are all negative and backward.

Ever seen the cartoon series - The Boondocks?

Here's a scene from one of its earlier seasons in which Martin Luther is imagined to still be alive and come back to witness what he had struggled for. Though the cartoon is a parody, it says an indepth truth which is reflected in lifestyle of youth today and in music videos.

While it chastises the ignorance and misdirection of black America, a lot of what King says in the clip sounds so much like what's also happening in Naija. You just need to read between thee lines, take a look around you, listen to the news, watch and listen to endless filthy music videos with the meaningless lyrics to see how it applies.

And for an additional understanding of the Nigga syndrome, check out this 2nd hilarious clip also from The Boondocks which gives us brief funny lessons on Nigga moments. Its funny but the truth is strong and leaves its bitter residue in your thoughts.

One thing about the series The Boondocks is that it makes social commentaries on political issues, lifestyles and conspiracies. You may watch it and enjoy the humour and slapstick but if you take a second look at what is being said in some episodes, there are myriads of revelations being brought before our eyes, like the true nature of a 'Nigga'..

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obani obodo said...

Boondocks!!! My best cartoon till tomorrow

Afronuts said...

@Obani...I feel you bro. No cartoon like it!