The Chronicles X - Skin To Skin

The dark Friday night held many things in its wake.

It held the travelling sound of music booming through the neighborhood which came from a well-lit and vibrantly active nightclub – the foremost social hub of the environment. Heavy stenches of smoked cigarettes and occasional whiff of cannabis burrowed through from hidden dark corners, finding their own space in the atmosphere. Perfumes, hormones and post-coital essence hung in alleys; solaces for quick sex romps between couples – some of which were paid for and others which were of aphrodisiac-influenced consent.

Buzz hummed and surveyed the area judiciously, searching for a defined interest.

Urban attired men and scandalously dressed women littered the entrance and surroundings of the club – some out to share pre-sinful moments, others, just taking fresh breath of air from the stuffy din inside the club. Vehicles belonging to patrons were parked in places outside the club compound. One of them, a black Jeep with chrome wheels, bounced gently on its absorbers as an obvious act was being consummated within.

A group of five young women strolled leisurely out of the club, chattering and laughing excitedly. One of them brought out something from the back pocket of her tight jeans, wrapped, sealed and smacked at it with her middle finger. She then brought out a plastic lighter and lit it. The flame flickered as embers lit up. She drew strongly on it, let out trails of smoke and passed it to the next girl.
Buzz checked each one of them out until the required person was spotted.

She was a buxom beauty who flaunted a flamboyant generosity of exposing her ‘selling points’; she wore a very short and tight red gown that had limited space for her breasts and offered unlimited exposure of her legs and full thighs. The back end of the outfit clung tightly to her protruding buttocks as the fabric struggled to conceal her derriere.

Buzz was excited.

She had a lot to offer.

She was perfect.

Signaling to the others, Buzz advanced stealthily towards the target.

She stood with her friends sharing gossip and girl talk and she stood out as the most daring of the group. Her sex appeal totally dwarfed that of her friends – thanks to her gown that was gratuitous in showing off the goods. Only one other girl wore a gown but it was not as dastardly short and daring as hers. The other two wore just bum shorts under loose blouses besides the last girl in jeans and T-shirt.
Buzz edged in closer followed closely behind by Spike and Wizzy.

Buxom beauty suddenly burst into laughter over something one of her friends said. The gossip topic had shifted to that of their relationships and was getting more interesting.

She bent over the bonnet of a parked car to support herself. The gown hugged her butt tightly, revealing more upper bum skin.

Buzz moved in for the kill.

Spike followed in pursuit.

Wizzy trailed along.

They parted ways with martial precision.

Buzz went for her right thigh.

Spike zeroed in on her exposed left breast.

Wizzy dovetailed for exposed part of her bum.

All strategically stationed at different points above slightly perspiring and promising skin, the three mosquitoes each drove in their proboscis and siphoned on human blood.  

Tomorrow, buxom beauty would itch in places like a bitch.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! The mosquito twist was too funny!

HoneyDame said...

LMAo....I sort of saw that coming!