Products of the Times [Photos]

I've always put together the 'Signs of The Times' series but I decided to break it up and do this one called 'Products of the Times' because I discovered that there are many products out there that will make your jaw drop. I'm usually baffled because I'm trying to figure out whether these weird products were made by our ever illustrious Naija Igbo brothers or by some insane cartel of asians that think in the same way. Abi how do you justify the names and things they write on these products? least for the face cap above, it is obvious it was done in Naija because the slogan na our own and the gbagaun is 'copyrighted' to desperate eastern Naija tailors who don't give a hoot about correct the Twins of P-Square. 

But what about the others below?

Who decided to name perfume after the world wide web and
put the logo of a browser that loves to crash like no man's business?

Chris Browm - Stomp The Yard - Alaba version
As if being forced to go into rehab never damage Rihanna's ex-bobo enough..

Jay Z has opened bottle water business in Naija...abi?
No? Then who the hell....??

You can either dance Azonto or eat Azonto...
I'm sure this is not a Ghanaian product

If I use this perfume will I smell like a network connection?
Wait...what kind of smell would that even be sef?

So I'm guessing that since Blackberry is loosing out
on business they are going into perfumes right?

...And that facebook will soon join chorus abi?

Either rats explode when they eat this poison or Boko Haram
has extended their expertise to the rat-killing business.

Try wearing that nylon bag dress and walk through Mushin ghettos...I dare you.

If garri was a wedding souvenir, beggars would attend!

For those who can't afford a smart phone. At least you can stay connected
by trekking to the destination in a pair of WhatsApp slippers...shey? 

I haven't really had any reason to download a Naija artiste's
Phone App. But coming across this one from Tuface,
I can't help but notice a certain gbagaun...

If only many men could be this dedicated to their wives
as they are to football clubs who don't give a hoot about you.

Lord have mercy...what is the occasion of celebration for this cake?
A booty call anniversary?

Ignorance can make a design look so fake...

In the voice of Riley Freeman of Boondocks - 'Eww...Nigga you gay!'
Why would a dude wear briefs paying tribute to Beyonce?

That's all for today. 
I hope some of these put away the gloomy faces of a Monday morning.
Have a nice week y'all!

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HoneyDame said...

I am rolling.....what are all these nitori Olorun?!

Afronuts said...

@Honeydame....Babe, they are for real oh!

Ema Leecious said...

I have laughed the nonsense out of me today. Na wa ooo!!!!

Afronuts said...

@Ema very funny shey?