Obasanjo Models For New Music Video [Video]

General Olusegun Obasanjo has always stood out for being a daring statesman or politician. Apart from his unique looks, he's known for his crazy sense of humor. he's known to dare things without giving a damn - a few years back a video of him judiciously drinking garri that went round the internet. From the angle it was shot, Baba could not have been ignorant that he was being videoed. 

And as usual, OBJ would never give a damn.

Recently OBJ is in the entertainment limelight again by making an appearance in a newly released video. Gospel artiste Ibitayo Jeje launched a video for her a high-life single titled 'Why you love me so' which featured OBJ in a cameo role. 

At a point I thought he was going to do a brief appearance by chance but Baba even acted in the video and did a brief stint of dance choreography.   

The music is a classic and rocks a memorable tune that celebrates God's love and also features renown clergyman Apostle Anselm Madubuiko and fellow artiste, Funke Akinogun. It would make a good play for owambe parties and weddings.

No doubt about it, this video would get a lot of hits. Who wouldn't want to see OBJ playing out a role on a lighter level other than in politics.

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