The Last Job

My guest writer for today is Harsh Tag who wrote this very short yet powerful piece of flash fiction titled 'Last Job'. This story is so poignant that I began to doubt whether it actually is fiction or something that really happened. In fact, just reading it alone makes me want to shoot a short movie on it. Its a touching story with a strong lesson of depth to learn from.


By the time you’re done reading this, I want you to remember this saying:
“Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future.”
My future is long-begun, and when I look at the past, I’m not trying to find absolution. Instead, I hope to find understanding of how the past has led me to this place of love for children; this place of peace; this place of hard work; this place of integrity; this place of piety, where I pray for people – and not judge them.
Armed robbers stormed a home one night, and ordered everybody:
‘Face to the floor! Close your eyes!’
Among the victims were two children – a boy and a girl – whose estimated ages were 3 and 4, respectively.
The job was almost over when one of the robbers felt a hand tugging at his left trouser. He looked down into two bright eyes full of innocence, not fear. The little girl spoke, and her voice shot this robber in the heart:
‘Uncle Thief, Uncle Thief…’
Her parents gasped, sure that their daughter was going to be shot in the mouth. But the little girl, pointing to the little boy, continued:
‘Uncle Thief, see, this one did not close his eyes.’
The macho man with the gun smiled, patted the girl on the head, and walked out of the home spotting two trails of contrite tears.
And that was his last job.
God has many voices.

Harsh Tag writes for fun, to stay sane, to stay alive, to laugh, to cry, to impress, to express, to win, to be relevant, to live. He has won a contest or two, have lost many. loves writing, though he studied geophysics, and has worked in a bank, he is presently into IT. He loves to write. You can check out his blog here.

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