JobClickr - Revolutionizing Job Search in Africa

I've come across many sites that assist Nigerians in seeking for jobs (in fact I used to have one linked on my site before the site developed template problems and I lost the link in the process of revamping it). And while so many job search sites are springing up, one young man has decided to add a different twist or feel to it; one that will revolutionize the way we search for jobs online.

The site in question is a job search engine designed in the likes of google. Its simply a search engine that allows you to search for jobs in Africa as if you were  just googling it. Even the template of the site bears that clean spacey look most search engines are known to have. It features input for data such as the Job description, the country, your CV/Resume (for employers to find you).

The site is designed to index all job sites in Africa and deliver the results in a uniquely arranged format to any job seeker based on their search. It basically searches out every African job site,  corporate website, blog or social network on the internet for jobs, gets these feeds and provides it to any job seeker based on their search criteria. Whether you are a Nigerian in South Africa, that seeks to work in Ethiopia or Ghana, is the site for you.

This gives you better advantage in your job search. Instead of painstakingly going through the trouble of searching out job sites out of many ambiguous searches online, just simply filters out the sites with Job vacancies.

Now this is definitely notches higher than just logging onto one particular job site to search out the job you’re looking for because this site lists out all sites that are offering just across the internet in Africa.

Jobclickr is owned and operated  by Mr. Neme Muoka, a young Nigeria based in the USA, New York to be precise.  Muoka over time has garnered a lot of experience working for a number of software companies including American Software Resources (An IT recruitment firm based in New York) and Google.  He is a physics graduate from Federal university of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and launched his first business from the age of 16.

How to use Jobclickr

1.     Log on to the site,

2.     Select the country you wish to find jobs in, enter the job description you seek and it will bring jobs in that field to you. If you want to search by city, click the city tab and select the city you desire.

3.     Jobclickr will search over 5,000 job boards, blogs and newspapers (including this blog) and will deliver the results to you immediately.

Mr. Muoka can be reached at 

Happy Searching!

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