Pockets Unplugged for Rhythm Unplugged

If you’ve been watching Nigerian Tv lately, you might have come across this TV commercial for another episode of a Harp Sponsored annual show coming up in December at Eko Hotel & Suites titled ‘Rhythm Unplugged’.  As usual it features a large collection of celebrities considered to matter in the entertainment industry.

I usually ignore Ads like these but I happened catch a glimpse of this one and was alarmed when it came to the cost of tickets and tables…tickets @ N5,000 and N30,000 while Tables were N500,000, N750,000 and N1million!

Okay…maybe we’ll consider the fact that it’s taking place in a high profile environment such as Eko Hotel and Suites but then there have been shows that cost far less that took place there. I’m not one to go to such events but what actually irks me sometimes is the money required to be spent by those coming to these events.

I won’t worry about the cost of the tickets but I still don’t get the cost of the tables. …N500,000, N750,000 and N1million all blown in one night? Is there something extra super duper special about those seating positions that they cost that much? If I seat on them tables will my intelligence and ability to make more money be upgraded instantly?

And people open their mouth to castigate Pastors that got private Jets as gifts to enable ministry work yet blow over a million naira away in one night of fun! (Of course after buying the seats you go still pay for expensive drinks abi?)

It’s true what they say about Nigeria…we’re a very rich nation but the money is always going into the wrong places and spent on the wrong things.

I won’t be surprised if corrupt Politicians and big wigs litter the event ready to spend their hard stolen cash on the event.

Na dem sabi waste money like that.

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Tessa Doghor said...

you got it
Haven't you heard?
GEJ does not have enough for feeding in the ASO rock
Is it 1 or 3 billion? He says it is not enough.

sykik said...

lol at "will my intelligence and ability to make more money be upgraded instantly?"

imagine blowing somebody's per annum on a table just for "shayo". kai....God will definitely judge Nigerians differently

It's really funny how people are quick to castigate rich pastors when they acquire some properties and not,remember how much politicians spend on frivolities. Like you said,na dem sabi waste money like that.

I understand those tables seat 7-10 people at a time. And usually it's VIPs- nollywood stars and rich people ;) that sit on these tables...

I suspect they pool resources together to sit at these tables.

However the N100,000 each they pay (do the math 1m by 10 people) is still not far* from my monthly salary.....


Afronuts said...

@Tessa...GEJ and his cronies are what we call in yoruba 'Apas' - people who waste money.

@Sykik...Abi oh! In fact you can get two people's per annum salary from that!

@Becqui Nicholas...hahaha! Did you see that video by Iroko TV on whether a Pastor shud buy a jet? People can be so ignorant oh.

@Fluffycutething...Thanks for the breakdown. At least that explains further but still...just like you said...the money per person still plenty!