W4 & D'Prince: Filthy Lyrics for Your Pleasure

They have done it again,

They have released music that’s designed to corrupt your mind with filthy lyrics.

W4 and D’Prince.

W4                                                                        D'Prince

W4 has released a single titled ‘La Tan’ which means ‘Open your laps’ in English. You can be rest assured that it’s not a dance style but the well known precedence to coitus.

D’Prince has released the video for one of the tracks off his upcoming album. The track is titled ‘Take Banana’ – It’s a remix, meaning there was an initial track of it. I don’t think I need to explain what ‘banana’ refers to here. With the lyrics it’s just too obvious.  

Both songs just ramble on about getting laid and are quite explicitly suggestive. I couldn’t even listen completely to W4’s monotonous lyrics. Being a Yoruba person, it sounded more filthy (If you speak the language, you’ll know that Yoruba language can be way smuttier than English. D’Prince also has this annoying repetition of the line that suggests that the woman should eat the banana and be full.

I’m not a fan of any of these guys (I’m hardly a fan of anybody anyway because I despise that term – it sounds like Human worship) and neither do I admire what they do. I’ve always had beef with what many so-called artistes are turning the Nigerian music industry into. I keep wondering whether it’s because they are aware that they are not really musicians and depend on voice manipulation, beat accompaniment, smut and filthy lyrics to churn out stuff that may unfortunately appeal to some.

Even their videos are getting filthy by the day and creativity is thrown to the dogs.  I don’t blame them, after all, it’s all about the money, and selling sex is always the laziest route to singing any song or shooting any video.

I'm guessing these songs might be banned from airing in Naija.

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jhazmyn said...

I was just telling my colleague this same thing today, His response....they're just club bangers jare, no harm...ok o

I'm glad there are still artistes who sing meaningful music though

Whatever 'Oyinbo' can do....Nigerians can do better abi?

Afronuts said...

@Jhazmyn...lol...I've heard that kind of response before. How can be care less and just label such stuff as 'Club Bangers'? Na wa oh...Yes. There are artistes who sing meaningful stuff too.

@NIL...LMAO!...That is so true!

Oracle said...

Seriously the industry is getting worse by the second. These artistes don't realise that their reign is short term.
Tell me which artiste can be compared to Asa.
Anyways thatz the only way they know how to make it so i wouldn't completely blame 'em

Afronuts said...

@Oracle....Ha! That's the word - short term! Only the original ones really last!

Atoke said...

Hi Afronuts,
Thank you for this article, but am really concerned, because they are not just club bangers, the DJs at the party our babies are invited play these music and our children dance to it. I am really concerned, what do we do about this? My chaplain is secondary school made me realize that the company you keep is not just your friends, but books you read, music you listen to and movies you watch.

What do we do as parents, do we insist our children don't dance and listen to these music or make them stay at home? how about their school parties?
Even if BON stops broadcast, who stops the children parties DJs?

Please, am willing to start a campaign about this, and this has been on my mind even before becoming a parent.

Afronuts said...

@Atoke...Thanks Atoke. I'm seriously concerned too. I know we may not be able to prevent some exposure of these filthy things to our kids but there is still hope.
Recently I came across a Creche/Nursery school that operates its curriculum based on Biblical principles - you can be sure such music won't ever feature there.

For now, the campaign I can start with is writing against it and doing youtube videos that condem it. Along the line more ideas should follow. You can also share yours too.

mcheeewww indeed creativity and true talent seems to be giving way to nonsense like this.

I'm with Atoke and will in fact begin to speak up at parties i'm invited to and such nonsense music is being played to entertain little children!