Signs of the Times 2 [Photos]

The first collection of Signs of the times I posted focused more on the comedy of illiteracy or 'gbagauns' accidentally put up by unintentionally funny people.

This set of photos focuses not just on the 'gbagauns' but also on crazy misnomers all over the face. You might have seen some of them somewhere or not. Check them out.

'Pour refuse here and fail in life
Defecate here and run mad.'
Enough said! that's so good it could quench you.

This is becoming a trending warning style around Lagos:
'Pee here and run mad'

Extra bombom? What the hell is that?

If you're a Night crawler around Lagos mainland, you might have seen this signboard.

I'm seriously hoping this was a joke...but then in Naija,
we get crazy people wey fit do am!

Dog childrens!!?? Lord Have mercy!
With love from Ghana. 

Let's look on the brighter side - at least they got the other words right!

Satan lays eggs? Or am I missing something?

Did they smoke weed on their wedding day...
or some knucklehead just couldn't spell right?

Is this an endorsement or somebody was copying that school from the first post?

Is that 'Ice scream' in another language? I wonder how the thing tastes sef

I have never heard of someone being congratulated
for being circumcised!

I don't think I'll ever consider having a haircut in such a place. Agony ke?

Even the signboard looks like a disease

Football buffs will understand this one - Manchester United logo
and 'Old Trafford' as name for beauty saloon

Unfortunately, our friendship is as disasterous as this 'gbagaun'

Why does it feel like this person would most definitely ruin your looks?

Seriously? Which kain menu be dat?

If your mechanic is an illiterate, please don't let him write a list,
 it would just be unfair!

Hilarious services? The owner must be high on sense of humour

Reap what? Or are they saying something I don't know?

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Real8 said...

Lol! This is nuts

Sykik said...

This is a good way to start the week. I had such a good laugh.

I need some asikirim oh...

Luciano said...

OMG OMG!!! I am practically rolling right now.

Anonymous said...

* really!!!...

Tamie said...

Oh Lord!! I laffed So hard! What daa??

thank goodness i stopped by here. This has certainly helped to remove all the tension i had in me LMAO

i wanted to pick one as the favourite but then i'd scroll down and realise the next pic is *worster* :D

Ayaf dieding! Yiaf ki me wit all bomb dat yiaf be putting in dis post....!