Okada Man Stripping Naked: The Rumor & The Truth

Once again, misinformation has been all over the place concerning a naked Okada man that had a face-off with the Police a few days ago. As usual, blogs and sites that love to latch on to rumor and parade it as news rather than actually find out what really happened, went ahead to carry the wrong information.

Naked Okada man, Sunday Udoh and the Police on Acme Road, Ikeja.

The wrong information: An Okada man was stripped naked and beaten by the Police in Akoka.

The Right Information: An Okada man stripped himself naked to evade arrest by the Police on Acme road, Ikeja.

The rumored story has circulated on facebook and on BB. The end result would be that people would think the police were victimizing Okada riders all over the place. If the Police didn't already have a dented image, this rumor or false report would have scarred it. But since its our hardly trusted Police we're talking about, it seems expected.

Okada operators have not been having it easy since the ban that was placed on them by the Lagos state government. Apparently, its not the first time a transport operator would strip in protest of being arrested by Law enforcement agents. Sometime in August, another Okada man, Adeniyi Olaide stripped himself naked to protest and dissuade Policemen from extortion and seizure of an Okada (motorbike).

Naked Okada man, Olaide Adeniyi confronting the Police at Somolu in August.

Though the Police claimed to be upholding the law, there's also news going round that they use the opportunity to extort more money than required to fine the riders for contravening the law. It seems the ban on Okada is a time bomb between Okada riders and Policemen waiting to explode.

Read Okada man Sunday Udoh's full story here.

Read Okada man Olaide Adeniyi's full story here

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MsJB said...

What a way to evade an arrest LOL
There's nothing you won't see in Nigeria

Thanks for stopping over at mine

Anonymous said...

I read the first version and was angry at the police men and left a comment because there is no love lost between the masses and the uniformed men...and again i stand corrected......what is the solution to stop this false information to the public, on my part, i think i will be waiting to read from your blog before drawing to any conclusion.
thanks for the enlightenment.

Blessing said...

Lol, sharp guy! Evading an arrest and becoming famous @ the same time!

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