Only in Naija [Photos]

Only in Naija - do Bus bumpers have multiple uses

Only in Naija - do we get flogged like this as kids

Only in Naija - do staff use their office AC to refrigerate drinks

Only in Naija - can a water seller be a learner

Only in Naija - do some drivers drink what they drive

Only in Naija - can a woman marry her fiance in absentia

Only in Naija - will a honda accord carry combined load meant for a pick up

Only in Naija - is 'giraffing' in exam hall an art.

Only in Naija - do goats also wear 'Aso Ebi'.

Only in Naija - do women wear helmet on top of headgear

Only in Naija - do students do pissing competition

Only in Naija - will somebody ask such a stupid ignorant question.

Only in Naija - are empty promises a tradition

Only in Naija - do you see ridiculous scams in papers.

Only in Naija - do planes carry 'attachment' and load like this.

Only in Naija - does this punishment happen in secondary schools

Only in Naija - do most female students wear this in Secondary school

Only in Naija - can you find all kinds of useless associations

Only in Naija - does an aboki rock this outfit combination

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'Lara said...

Only in my beloved nation...LOl

Eya said...

Number one comedy post! I can't stop laughing.

sykik said...

before i start laffing...wait, that aeroplane picture for real? Ha..this one pass hilarious oh. I want to believe that picture is from nollywood.

Please tell "Aishatu" that she is still a virgin by faith.

Anonymous said...

rolling over my laptop with laughter...oh yes ooo..i rock the rubber sandals well well during my secondary school days o.....oh my! 9jas! we never stop to amaze the world with our creativity..just like the aboki outfit and the woman with helmet on gele and the goat with aso-ebi!..oh myyyyyyyy!...ahahahahha

But that teacher no tey shaaaa, upon the way the poor boy they cry..and the snr that is punishing the students....i don't think that is still operable....but as for the giraffing, who took the pic sef? ..ahahahaha

Okeoghene said...

Hilarious. I hope that malta guiness is not for you o?

Luciano said...

lwkmd........the A/C and asoebi pictures are just hilarious. as in enn..........i cant laugh

mosunmola said...

Laff wan kill me die!

Tamie said...

Jezzz so funny! I had those sandals o!