Naija Among Top 5 Nations That Shit in Public

Of all the embarrassing stuff about my beloved country spreading all over the globe, this one has got to be the most scatological and alarming. How on earth can they say 34 million Nigerians have no toilets? Sometimes I wonder how UNICEF and WHO come about their ridiculous statistics.

According to the claim jointly made by these organizations, Nigeria is also among the top five countries in the world with the largest number of people that defecate in the open!

How in the world did they come up with that?

Did they launch neighborhood guerilla spies to check out Naija folks whenever they endeavour to take a crap?

Okay, I do agree that in Naija we have people who have got a problem with sanely taking a shit the proper way but haba…how dem reach up to 34 million?

Oshodi alleyways, back in the days before Governor Fashola's
transformation, was a popular crapping  arena  for area boys.

The research was carried out due to the need to find out ways to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections which was attributed to water sanitation and hygiene challenges. The UNICEF representatives are on a mission to help sanitize and encourage behavior change in this respect.

LOL…they should also extend their mission to offices. Ever entered an office restroom and discovered that instead of sitting on the closet, somebody had squatted on the toilet seat and left dirty marks on the seat?…not to talk of painting the walls inside the closet with their crap? How about the ones that don’t ever think its sensible to flush after doing the doodoo?

The beauty of using a water closet -
you can chat or ping away while taking a crap.

Come to think of it…is it people who don’t have toilets that act this way? Were they also included in this statistic?

Also I wondered whether Pit latrines were excluded as real toilets because many people who can’t use a the water closet may be too used to pit latrines…
I can’t blame them though…I blame those stingy landlords who prefer to install pit latrines instead of water closets.

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Eya said...

You sef, why ask them questions when you have pics that justify their claims. Lol...

Yum Yucky said...

34 million? that's gotta be some bullsh*t. (pun intended) heeee.

"Water closet" = "bathroom stall"... It took me a sec to catch on.

Beulah! said...

Oh my God! Is this forreals? wat a thing to be known for, chai! oya now Naija people, let us begin to behave ourselves, oga ju! :)

Sykik said...

kai. this WHO and UNICEF people can research anything. MAybe its part of the #shitting thingz in public that makes us the happiest people on planet earth.

On a serious note, we have a long way to go in Nigeria. God help us

ay said... do they come up with these statistics..
But really, it's a serious matter sha..

Btw, I gbadun your blog well well. Some of your posts have got me laughing real hard. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Afronuts said...

@Eya...Ha! Sister Eya, I can't use just these ones to judge nah...infact the area boy one is an old pic b4 Oshodi was transformed.

@Yum! Seriously? May God help us!

@Sykik...Haaa! can taking a crap make us the happiest people on earth? kolo!

Anonymous said...

They say a picture speaks a thousand words! AND
When oil stain one finger, it will stain the rest!

sykik said...

@kush, lmao, why casin't it? After all the "freedom to shit" is part of our human right.

Afronuts said...

@Simply, I hope u are not convinced by all they are claiming sha, we have the freedom but we too dey abuse am for Naija!

Shar said...

I know Im late...but, um was that even a safe way to take a poop?