Zenith Bank: The Bank with no Compassion

On the 10th of November, my subordinate was robbed at about 2pm in her car at a hold-up somewhere around Dopemu, Lagos. The robbers had operated using an okada (motorbike). One of them had approached her car in the hold up and pointed a gun at her demanding that she handed over the jewelry she was wearing and her handbag. She complied and he jumped on the bike driven by his accomplice and they zoomed off.

She had her ID card, ATM cards, Cheque books and a host of other documents in the bag so it was necessary to get across to her banks (Zenith Bank and GT Bank) to block any intrusion into her accounts.

On getting to the GT Bank at Anthony where she had her account, she made her complaint and was offered forms to fill to acquire a new cheque book and ATM card. She was required to pay N2,000 for both cheque book and ATM card. Meanwhile her account was blocked at no cost for the meantime to protect her funds.    

The Zenith Bank where she lodged her complaint

On getting to the Zenith Bank at First Pedro, Gbagada, she stated her case and was told that she needed to pay N5,250 to block her cheque book so that it cannot be accessed, produce a police report and sworn affidavit, and still pay N1,050 for new cheque book and also get charged for a new ATM card!

Meanwhile all the money she had just been paid as salary was in this account but it had been blocked. So where was she going to get the money to pay? At the end of the day she had to withdraw out of her kid's account in GT Bank to settle Zenith almost N7,000 to get her account back.

Despite its status as an apex bank, I've never regarded Zenith Bank as a customer friendly bank. The only reason I own an account in Zenith was because the place where I work opened salary account for its staff in the bank. I have resorted to always withdrawing my money and lodging it in my GT Bank account when time permits me.

This occurrence just further proves the kind of service you get from Zenith Bank and further confirms my thoughts about the bank.

So if you’ve got a Zenith Bank account and your cheque book or ATM gets lost or stolen, be prepared for the recovery wahala.

That their payoff line sef...In your best interest sounds arrogant.

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Tessa Doghor said...

They too like money!
Bad customer care!

Myne Whitman said...

Too bad, and my bros works there. Though customer service is lacking in most places in naija.

Anonymous said...

GTB is the best to me!
I don't use Zenith...oga works there sef, uses it for his salary only, but uses GTB for his savings.
They were not sympathetic at all!
What of if she does not have that kind of cash at all?
This okada boys wahala sef! In a way, Fashola had a point in banning them from some route...shioo..2:00pm in broad daylight??

Eya said...

Hmmm. Banks are going to stop collecting that mandatory #100 from those who use their ATMs, so with time I hope all these charges with assorted names will be discontinued.

God help your sister!

Sykik said...

customer service is zero in most service providing institutions in Nigeria.Profit comes first for them

Tamie said...

GTB is really cool. I love that bank. Customer care in Nigeria generally is lowgrade.

Ginger said...

That's so unfair of Zenith. With our kind of environment that sort of service should be easily accessible.

Afronuts said...

@Tessa...lol, did they show you too? Share oh!

@Myne...Must be the pressure of wwork and recession hitting businesses

@Simply mee...hahahaha! Its not the first time I'm hearing of such...working with a bank but having an account with its competitior!

@Eya...shey? To God be the glory oh!

@Sykik...are you sure about that? GTB was better for me oh

@Tamie...Dint I say it?

@Ginger...They don't care oh! Afterall, its in their own interest