Amazing Baby Swimmer [Video]

I've come to learn some amazing things about Babies...amazing stuff like their cries prompt their Mother's breast to start lactating milk, their bones are structured intricately to accommodate their passage through their Mother's birth canal into the world - like the skull being collapsible for the squeezing through during birth.

The most amazing thing for me is the ability of babies to swim in water without help and with ease. This is due to the fact that they lived in a similar manner in the womb surrounded by water (the one that breaks before delivery). Babies find it easy to respire inside water or control their breathing.

Thus its not a bad idea to introduce your child to swimming at an early age. I wanted so much to introduce my kids to this but Wifey happened to be just too traditional and didn't want any of it. I'm an avid lover of swimming and would have loved my kids to have followed suit. I'm sure they'd probably end up like this amazing baby girl in this video; she swims with ease and without assistance. I can't even determine what kind of swim stroke she's using. She just wades through the water kicking her chubby legs and synchronizing with the water. And she does a smooth job of even holding her breath for so long! You'd think she was specially taught but that's not really the case - she was just introduced to swimming very early.

Its just amazing watching her swim and she even seems to know when to pop up her head once she reaches the edge of the pool. You could even hear the parent in the background expressing his surprise at how deftly she moved across the pool while holding her breath. This is a pointer that the baby wasn't taught but re-acquired the skill once she came in contact with the water,

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