Underage Marriage: Stella Damasus Spits Fire

Lord! I have never seen Stella Damasus as genuinely angry as this! And she spits the venom very well! In this video she expresses her disgust over the underage marriage fiasco being purported by Yerima and his senate cohorts.

She raises some valid points that are very strong; points such as WHERE ON EARTH IS PATIENCE JONATHAN IN THIS MATTER? WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN IN THE SENATE? Do we really have a first lady in this country at all or she's just a figurehead?

Its time to stand and fight against this rubbish coming from the knuckleheads in the senate. I have a four year old daughter and I can't imagine her being married off as a baby to some ignorant pedophile aboki...Never.

In fact, I just had an idea for a video which I'll shoot and ipload on youtube and this blog soon...

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