Was The Accident That Claimed Patience Jonathan's Mum Real?

Everywhere on the news we are hearing of this accident that was said to have claimed the life of the mother of Nigeria's first lady, Patience Jonathan.

While it is a sad thing for a life to be lost via an accident, there are some issues that raises questions about this bit of news.

The said photo reported to be the crash scene

First of all, word is also going around that the woman, Madam Charity Obah, is not the first lady's biological mother. So why were we getting information that it was her mum?

Okay, maybe that can pass as a slip.

Secondly, there's no known photo of this Madam Charity Obah. 

Thirdly, I hope this is not a hoaxed news meant to distract Nigerians from raging over the underage marriage fiasco and exonerate the first lady from receiving questionable bashing like Stella Damasus did in her video (see the previous entry).

You know how it is - instead of getting a reason to ask why she's saying nothing about the matter, you'll end up sympathizing instead.

Fourthly, if that photo is of the accident, who's body is that in the driver's seat? According to reports, the car contained four people of which the driver and one other person are said to be receiving treatment while only Madam Obah and a 14 year old girl were said to have died in the accident.

Or is that another car involved in the accident? If it is, why show it instead of that of Madam Obah and co.?


I wonder if there'll ever be answers.

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