Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage...SMH

I sat down at my computer reading this news totally horrified to my wits end...


According to a report from

Britain legalised gay marriage on Wednesday after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal assent to a bill approved by lawmakers, the culture ministry said.

Same-sex couples will be able to marry from next year after Prime Minister David Cameron pushed the legislation through against the will of dozens of his own Conservative lawmakers.

Members of parliament cheered as they were told the historic bill, pushed through by Prime Minister David Cameron despite opposition within his own party, had passed into law.

Did someone threaten Cameron about pushing this bill? There was serious opposition against the act but he went with it.

The Queen & Cameron

“This is a historic moment that will resonate in many people’s lives,” said Culture Minister Maria Miller, whose department was responsible for the bill.
“I am proud that we have made it happen, and I look forward to the first same sex wedding by next summer.”

Lawmakers in parliament’s lower House of Commons formally approved the bill on Tuesday night, a day after the upper House of Lords gave it the nod. 

The queen’s assent, given in her capacity as head of state, was then announced in both chambers of parliament on Wednesday, at which point it became law. 

This makes one suspicious of many of those folks in power like Miller...are they secretly gay? Is Prime Minister Cameron secretly gay too?

And then I read this part towards the end of the report:

The cheers that greeted the news belied the stormy passage that the bill had through parliament, during which many of Cameron’s Conservative lawmakers opposed it. 

Cheers? Who were those that cheered? The same people that kicked against it? This is confusing.
In the next few months or year to follow, I know a lot of wierd stuff will start happening as a result of this bill.

I had always said UK was probably a no go area for me to ever visit. Now I'm scared shitless to ever holiday there...someday they might pass a bill to allow whites to shoot blacks because some cabinet member is freaking racist.

What's the world coming to? There's definitely a spirit of gayness all over the place with Obama crusading for their rights and factions across the world protesting for sodomy values...uurrgh...can't stand the thought of it.

This must never happen in must never!

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