When a Woman Flirts - The Facts.

How many times has any guy made an assumption that a certain lady might be into him because of some certain body language she seems to be passing across? At times he could be right but most times guys get the message wrong simply because they were not observant enough or were just plain impatient. We need to understand that women are not wired the same way we are so we have to bide the time. Women don't do a lot of things we men assume they do, or do a lot of things men are not aware of. So I came across this is rather interesting info-graphic I found online. It makes a lot of sense which I'm sure science would have all manner of explanations for. Take a critical look-see and lets hear what you think about this funny research on the signs of a flirting woman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

How to know if she is Flirting with you

Sounds true somehow...but I realize its what I've seen women in the western world exhibit.
As for Nigerian woman over here...does this apply at all?

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Toin said...

Interesting points...i agree with most

Debby 'Baro said...

Truly, man (as in humans) interpretes situations in alignment to what he wants. If a person does not want to flirt he will not give 'flirty' interpretations to what he chooses to see!