How Men & Women Select The Undies

We all make decisions everyday, especially after taking that shower and bath and you're about to get dressed. The decision making doesn't only start from deciding what dress to wear but also what underwear to put on as well. It actually never crossed my mind until I came across this hilarious yet true chart from Csection Comics on how both men and women make decisions on what underwear to wear for the day.

Check it out and let's know what you think.

I have never imagined that I'd see this someday online...and its the bitter and funny truth. Yes! I have a couple of boxers with holes in them. I'm too emotionally attached to them to let!

Anyone else out there guilty as charged?

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Enkay said...


Kush! Too funny!

I have to secretly throw away some of hubby's boxers which I consider well worn and old. Cos if I left him, he probably won't!

And the female flow chart..ahn, ahn...that's a bit of a stretch but most ladies can relate sha. lol!