How to Stop That Annoying Itch of a Mosquito Bite

Besides the fear of getting infected with a malaria parasite, the other annoying aspect of a mosquito is the itchiness of its bite. When this happens, one is usually forced to scratch the living daylights out of the itch till it peels and becomes a sore.

Well some smart alec seems to have found a solution on a Reddit post where the info states that by putting a hot spoon on the itchy area, you destroy the protein responsible for the allergic reaction. This was confirmed by other commenters on the topic. One of them further states that this is true for most itchy allergic reactions. He states a case where he had to soak a cloth in hot water to press against an itchy eye from an allergic reaction.

Surprisingly I happen to have accidentally tried this and it worked - I happened to have this itch and I pressed it against a mug of hot beverage and it ceased. I can now officially see it as a remedy.

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