Signs of the Times 6 [Photos]

I saw a documentary recently about Lagos Area boys and I couldn't resist laughing at some of the stuff  exposed about Nigerians, particularly Lagosians. Its not the first documentary based on Lagos; there have been several others which were produced either by Foreigners or Nigerians; like the one on fuel subsidy or 'Welcome to Lagos'. The ones by foreigners are usually funny because of the perspective. I then had this funny brainwave on what it would look like to do a documentary on the funny signage blunders about town in Naija.

Err...on second thought, probably not. Maybe as a small fun video on youtube sha! So here are more signs of the times about town...

In a city where commercial bus drivers cruise the streets 
like insane animals,we come across this very emotional dude; 
claims he's not a 'danfoman' yet he drives a

This was most definitely written by a drunk person..
after all it was written behind a local bar.

For those who need confirmation on who they are,
just piss in this spot

If you ever lived in Naija and watched local stations,
you'll know why this signboard is so amusing.

National disgrace of grammatical proportions!

Looks like the kind of church where you get 
possessed rather than delivered

Even local governments have their own share 
in the national cake of grammatical shotguns.

Naija people like drama too much...even on paper.

I want to believe this is not real...seriously!

Sometimes filling a form feels like answering 
stupid JAMB the case of 
this Nigerian Customs Service form

English language the Naija wonder
we have one of the sexiest accents worldwide...

I'm not a football fan but I know some of these teams' names
have suffered in the hands of an illiterate with a chalk.

Naija signboard and their curses...

Now that makes me feel my phone 
would actually get destroyed.

Need a spouse? Consult this garbage can....
not a good image sha!

This cake has suffered...gbagaun on ice 
must taste weird.

Reading this notice alone can make one feel cursed.

Husbands are now available...
miserable single ladies come take your pick!

Errn...what do they actually do in this station? 'Tap current'?

NSDC and their questionable tinz...
I bet Oga at the top can't even figure out what this designation means.

So how does America smell? Like fattening food from KFC? 
Anointing to whaat?

Cheap stuff is suspicious stuff. 
If you don't believe me, call those numbers!

Just looking at this signboard is enough 
to give you some of those diseases 

Even if the baby took her first shit, 
you'll find Nigerians who will celebrate it.

SMH...Na this kind of name dey spoil market...

A notice to add insult to the injury of taking a hard shit in the loo...

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