Trend: Show Me Ya Bobbi & Show Me Ya Nipples [Photos]

Rukky Nipples...sorry  I mean't 'Rukky Sanda'

Check out every red carpet event or movie premiere taking place anywhere across Naija with special focus on Lagos; you're most definitely sure to come across one thing in the midst of the ladies out there for show - 'bobbi.' (Breasts).

Bobbi for show enthusiasts - Genevieve, Funke, Osas & Karen 


I remember the first time I mentioned the word and this scandal-oriented chick looked at my mouth in wonder that I could say such. Of course I can say it, it sounds funny and more decent than some other words that can make you look like you committed sacrilege.

Yes...exposure of cleavage is something that will always feature at any event. If its not an adventurous celebrity scandalously showing off the 'goods', it is some unknown chick parading her 'market'.

Rukky parades the goods for the Jara crew

Rukky with Yvonne - a contrast.
She might have as well come with no blouse.
But it seems the bar has been raised as it is no longer a case of 'show me ya bobbi' but 'show me ya nipples' as exemplified recently by Rukky Sanda at Yvonne Nelson's movie premiere 'House of Gold'.
Please don't say the infamous Cossy has done it. She doesn't count in this case for certain reasons.

What is she hiding? No be for show?
I ask one question; in the quest to pollute our minds (especially that of good men) do they feel very comfortable in those outfits? I doubted it when I noticed that Rukky got too conscious of her exposed nipple. The photo didn't lie, she made to cover it - why cover it when you intended to expose it? Why am I even asking this question sef? 

Yep...dignity is definitely going into extinction. So you are not a celeb until you show your boobs or show your nipples. 

Oh doesn't stop there...there are other honorable mentions that fall in the category of- 'Show say you no wear pant' (which I wrote about months ago about the trend of 'pantless' women) and the most blantant one which our female celebrities don't have the liver to attempt - 'Show me where you no wear pant' 
*Shivers in dread*

God forbid bad thing that we ever reach that level!

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